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Synthetic fibre jackets

Immerse yourself in the world of synthetic fibre jackets that combine lightness and warmth to perfection. Their advanced synthetic fibre fillings not only offer optimum thermal performance, but also protection against moisture and maximum breathability for a comfortable feel in any situation. Read more

Synthetic fibre jackets - lightweight warmth, maximum performance

Whether you're hiking, camping or simply out and about in nature - synthetic fibre jackets are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. Their light weight and freedom of movement make them the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

The advantages of synthetic fibres:

Synthetic fibre jackets rely on advanced synthetic fibre fillings that are in no way inferior to natural alternatives when it comes to thermal performance. They retain their insulating power even in damp conditions, which is a particular advantage in changeable weather. These jackets not only offer optimum protection from the wet, but are also breathable to wick away excess moisture and ensure a comfortable feel.

Lightweight comfort:

The synthetic fibre jackets not only impress with their warmth, but also with their low weight. You can move freely without being restricted by heavy clothing. Thanks to their compact design, they are also easy to stow away, which is a particular advantage when travelling and on outdoor tours.

Maximum freedom of movement:

Whether you're on steep hiking trails or challenging terrain, synthetic fibre jackets offer maximum freedom of movement. They are designed to give you unrestricted flexibility in any situation.

Different models for every need:

Synthetic fibre jackets are available in various styles, including classic jackets, elegant winter coats and sporty winter jackets. No matter which style you prefer or which activity you are preparing for - we have the right synthetic fibre jacket for you.

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