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Camper awnings

Expand your camping area with a motorhome awning that offers you additional space and comfort. Choose between free-standing awnings for flexibility or retracted versions for increased stability and weather protection. Read more

Motorhome awning - more space when camping

Do you like camping - and want to make your camp a little more comfortable? Then a motorhome a wning could be a good choice for you. It is ideal for extending the limited space when camping.

Advantages of the motorhome awning

A motorhome awning offers many advantages and is a real asset for your camping holiday:

  • more space & living space: Enough space to sit comfortably in the dry, a large camping kitchen or even an extra sleeping area? You can use the space in the motorhome awning in many different ways.
  • more comfort when winter camping: Are you travelling with your motorhome in winter? Then a motorhome awning is definitely worthwhile! It allows you to create an additional (possibly even heated) space that prevents the cold from entering the motorhome. The space is also ideal for hanging up wet snow clothing or storing ski and snowboard equipment in a dry place. It usually gets a little cramped in the motorhome with winter sports equipment.
  • Protection from the weather: It can also rain on a summer holiday. A motorhome awning is ideal so that you don't have to spend your holiday in your motorhome. You can still sit outside and be protected from the wet.

Free-standing motorhome awning or retractable awning?

There are motorhome awnings that are free-standing and those that are attached to the motorhome using piping rails. Which one is best for you depends primarily on whether you want to use your motorhome as a vehicle for day trips when camping.

When is a free-standing motorhome awning suitable?

If you want to go on excursions in the surrounding area during your camping holiday with your motorhome, then a free-standing motorhome a wning is the best choice. This is because you don't have to go to the trouble of putting it up and taking it down when you drive away for a short time. Instead, you can simply leave it pitched.

When is a retractable motorhome awning suitable?

However, if you are not planning to use your motorhome for day trips during your camping holiday, then a retractable motorhome awning is probably the best option. Because it is attached to the motorhome, it is a little more stable than a free-standing awning. It is therefore more secure in the event of a storm. In addition, rain, snow and moisture cannot penetrate so easily.

Inflatable motorhome awning or awning with poles?

The latest trend in motorhome awnings is air poles. These awnings are inflatable and have air channels instead of classic tent poles. The advantage: they are quick and easy to set up. An air awning is usually set up much more quickly than a classic awning. What's more, it can usually even be erected on its own. Inflatable motorhome awnings have also proven themselves in terms of stability: In the event of a storm, they simply buckle and then return to their original shape. Air awnings can also usually withstand snow without any problems.

Equipping your motorhome awning

Depending on how you want to use your motorhome awning, you will of course also need the appropriate equipment. Would you like to use the awning as an additional sleeping area? Then you'll find camping loungers and camp beds in our Loungers section. Would you like to set up a large kitchen? Then you're sure to find what you're looking for in our camping cabinets and outdoor kitchen categories. Or would you prefer a large lounge area with a table and chairs? Then we have comfortable camping chairs and practical camping tables for you.

No matter how you use the motorhome awning: In any case, we recommend a tent carpet. This protects you from dirt, mud and moisture.

Finding the right motorhome awning

How do I know which motorhome awning is right for my motorhome? Motorhome awnings are usually attached to the piping rail of your vehicle. Before you buy a motorhome awning, you should make sure that the stated piping retraction length matches the length of your vehicle's piping rail. The piping thickness should also match the diameter of your pip ing rail.

Buy a motorhome awning at

Would you like to buy a motorhome awning but would like some advice? No problem - our order and service hotline will be happy to help you! You can reach us on 0661 / 480 199 0 or by email at With over 20 years of experience in selling tents, we will be happy to help you find your dream awning.

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