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Find the right size for your best running comfort

An outdoor shoe or sports shoe simply has to fit! This is especially true for hiking boots, as your feet have to withstand a lot of strain when you're walking over hill and dale and climbing the highest peaks. As the specified EU and UK sizes can be larger or smaller depending on the manufacturer, the size information provided by the manufacturer is not always a good basis for making a purchase decision. To be on the safe side, use the measurement of the insole length, also known as the Mondopoint, as a guide.

This is how you determine your insole length:
First put on a pair of thick hiking socks, preferably the ones you also wear when hiking. then take a sheet of paper and place your foot on it. now mark with a pencil where your heel ends and where your big toe ends. Hold the pencil as vertically downwards as possible so that the length is as accurate as possible. Now measure the distance between the two markings and add 5 mm to the value.
You can use this value as a guide for the size charts.

You can find the size charts directly on the products in the Buybox.