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Children's sleeping bags

Immerse yourself in the world of camping with our children's sleeping bags, which are specially designed for a restful night's sleep and unforgettable outdoor experiences. Custom-fit and designed to grow with the child, they offer an optimal solution for every body size, while foot areas ensure freedom of movement. Read more

Children's sleeping bags: cosy sleep for little adventurers

Discover the world of camping with our specially designed children's sleeping bags, which are designed for a good night's sleep and unforgettable outdoor experiences.

A perfect fit that grows with your child: sleeping bags for every body size

Children's sleeping bags are designed to keep pace with the growth of your little adventurer. Thanks to innovative designs and features that grow with your child, they offer a customised solution for every body size. This means that little ones can sleep comfortably at night and are ideally equipped for future camping adventures.

With feet for more freedom of movement: camping fun without restrictions

So that little campers can move around to their heart's content, some of our children's sleeping bags are equipped with foot sections. This enables natural freedom of movement, allowing children to turn and twist in the sleeping bag without sacrificing comfort.

Cosy, soft and breathable: materials for the best sleeping comfort

All our children's sleeping bags are made from high-quality materials that ensure optimum sleeping comfort. The cosy, soft fabrics offer little adventurers a pleasant sleeping environment, while at the same time ensuring breathability and skin compatibility.

Practical and functional: zips for easy handling

The children's sleeping bags are equipped with smooth-running zips that make opening and closing them child's play. This practical function allows little ones to operate their sleeping bag independently and encourages their independence.

Synthetic fibre filling: warmth and easy care combined

Our children's sleeping bags have an efficient synthetic fibre filling that not only provides cosy warmth, but is also easy to care for. The synthetic fibre provides excellent insulation, even if the sleeping bag gets damp, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

Pack size optimised: Easy to transport, ready for any adventure

With an optimised pack size, children's sleeping bags are easy to transport and perfect for camping trips. Compact yet cosy, little adventurers can take their own sleeping space with them wherever they go.

Discover the joy of camping with our high-quality and well-designed children's sleeping bags. We prioritise comfort, functionality and safety so that little explorers can enjoy their outdoor adventures to the full.

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