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Camping tables

Discover our wide range of camping tables that are foldable, collapsible and height-adjustable. These multifunctional tables not only serve as practical gathering points for meals and socialising, but also offer protection from pesky insects. Thanks to their sturdy construction, easy handling and space-saving features, they are the ideal choice for your camping trip. Read more

Foldable, collapsible or height-adjustable meeting point

Eating together, building a cave, playing games or chatting into the night - where better to do this on holiday than at the camping table? It is and remains the central meeting point. Of course, you can also dine on the floor. But camping tables are not only comfortable - they also create distance from hungry insects.

The different camping tables at a glance

Folding camping tables

Folding camping tables can be folded up using their legs. This means they can not only be set up and taken down quickly, but are also ideal for travelling where every centimetre counts.

  • Robust construction
  • Space-saving
  • Quick assembly and disassembly

Foldable camping tables

With foldable camping tables, not only the table legs but also the table top can be folded in. This saves even more space than the foldable camping table and is therefore ideal for trips on foot, by bike or motorbike.

  • Particularly compact pack size
  • Suitable for hiking, cycling and travelling by motorbike

Height-adjustable camping tables

The height of height-adjustable tables can be adjusted at the legs. This not only allows you to set a comfortable height or a height that matches the chair, but also counteracts uneven surfaces. The days of wobbly tables are over.

  • Adjustable in height
  • Does not wobble
  • Can be set up flexibly

Suitcase tables

Suitcase tables are folded up so that the end result looks like a suitcase. The handle makes them easy to transport. Unfortunately, this version is bulky, so it is not very space-saving.

  • Everything in one package
  • Conveniently portable
  • Can be set up flexibly

The ideal camping table - what it needs to offer

Waterproof, robust and lightweight material

You will be using your camping table several times a day. The material should therefore be able to withstand a lot, be scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Waterproof materials can withstand rain, so you can leave the table outside without worrying and don't have to put it away every evening. If you move the table around a lot, you should focus on lightweight materials. The table will also often have to withstand dirt. Look for a material that is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly. Aluminium tables are very robust and remain very light at the same time. Choose aluminium that is resistant to rust. This material requires little maintenance and its low weight is ideal for transport. Wooden camping tables are usually heavy. Transport is therefore more difficult. On the other hand, you benefit from a high-quality and beautiful material that cannot rust. However, you should store the table underneath at night and take particularly good care of the material to protect it from weathering. Plastic tables score points for their low weight and low maintenance requirements. They can also withstand nights outdoors or in the rain without any problems. They just don't usually look or feel really nice.

The right camping table size

Your camping table should be big enough to comfortably fit everyone who is going on holiday with you. Generally speaking, you should allow 60 cm for each person. Most camping tables are designed for four to six people. If you are travelling with a larger group, tables that can be extended are very practical. If no seating is included, you should make sure that your camping table is high enough for the camping chairs to fit under the table so that you can use them without restriction.

Flexible and space-saving transportability

Camping tables need to be transportable - you pack them in the car, from the car to the campsite, back in the car, take them on an excursion, then to the next campsite. This requires flexibility. Tables that can be folded or collapsed quickly are practical. Folding and collapsible tables also save space. Trolley tables are heavier, but are easy to transport thanks to their size and handle.

Maximum load capacity

Your table should be able to carry crockery and food without the risk of collapsing the next moment. If you are travelling with your children, you should also factor in a load capacity buffer. The little ones like to lean on the table or use it as a cave from time to time. The load capacity of our tables is up to 80 kg.

Stable and sturdy

You put the first breakfast plate on the table and it wobbles. You bang your cards on the table - and the table almost falls over. A stable table is essential for a relaxed - not unnerved - holiday. So take a close look at the table legs and the connections - they will show you whether you will enjoy your table in the long term. Height-adjustable table legs provide additional stability on uneven surfaces.

Easy to set up and take down

Your camping table should not be complicated to set up. Especially if you have to store the table in bad weather due to sensitive materials, you shouldn't have to spend a lot of time on this.

Small pack size and low weight

The weight of the table should not exceed 5 kg, especially for frequent transport. Look out for aluminium and plastic tables here - they are among the lighter materials. A small pack size doesn't hurt either - the smaller it is, the better you can stow it in the car or take the table with you on motorbike tours, for example.

Quick checklist: How to put the table through its paces

  • Is the camping table big enough?
  • How sturdy and stable is the table?
  • Are the legs height-adjustable?
  • Is the camping table weatherproof and waterproof?
  • How heavy is the table?
  • Is the packing size small enough for the table to be stowed away easily?
  • Is the camping table easy to transport?
  • Are chairs or benches included in the package?
  • Is the table suitable for the intended use - hiking, extended holiday, motorbike trip?

Camping table with bench vs. chairs - a comparison

Camping table with bench

If the camping table comes with benches, this is of course particularly practical. In this design, the benches are stored under the table top and are folded together with the table. This means that the pieces of furniture are in one place and can be transported easily and space-savingly. You can set up the table and benches in seconds and take them down again just as quickly.

Camping table with chairs

If the camping table comes with chairs, there's no need to search for chairs that look good and are the right height. It now depends on whether the chairs are included in the set or attached to the table. With the former option, you remain flexible but have to struggle with storage. The second version is more space-saving and easy to transport.

Camping table with bench Camping table with chairs
Weight High Medium
Stows away well Yes No
Flexibility No Yes
Pack size Compact Tends to be larger
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