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Transport items comfortably with handcarts & co.

Whether as a convenient load cart to manoeuvre your camping equipment from the car park to the campsite, as an alternative to a pushchair to get your little ones safely to their destination or for your shopping - handcarts and handcarts make your everyday life easier and brighten up your holiday.

Versatile handcart

  • Alternative to a pushchair
  • Fun & games for your little ones
  • Transporting smaller (tired) children from A to B
  • Transporting dogs
  • Transporting camping equipment and large tents to the campsite
  • Bicycle tours
  • Mobile container for garden maintenance equipment or garden waste
  • Conveniently bring towels & co. to the beach
  • Transporting wood
  • For transporting your shopping
  • Practical base for newspaper carriers
  • Transporting grave care utensils at the cemetery
  • Picnic

What your handcart should have

Robust material

To ensure that your handcart can carry heavy equipment, children or your dog, it should be made of sturdy and robust material. It should also be able to withstand wind and weather. Constructions made of aluminium, steel and/or plastic are particularly robust and resistant and can carry heavy loads. A wooden hand trolley should be treated, otherwise there is a risk of injury from splinters. If the surfaces are also powder-coated, the trolley is protected against rust, UV rays and scratches. For foldable handcarts, you should make sure that the cover can withstand the weather. Synthetic fibres score points for their tear-resistant and robust nature, UV resistance and are also easy to clean. However, bear in mind that the more stable and robust the material, the heavier your hand trolley will tend to be. Here it depends on whether a low weight (the trolley is easier to pull) or particularly robust material (the trolley can withstand more) is more important to you.

High load capacity

The higher the load capacity, the more you can transport in your hand trolley. If children are allowed to use the handcart, be sure to include a buffer. When romping around, larger forces can act on the trolley. A higher load capacity limit eliminates the risk of injury due to the trolley collapsing. Foldable hand trolleys are generally less resilient than fixed models, but can still carry up to 100 kg on average.

Low tare weight

A low tare weight is important if you are pulling heavy objects and do not want to burden yourself with a high additional weight or if small children want to pull the trolley. Robust material, size and the type of construction (foldable vs. fixed) can increase the weight.

Size & space

How big or small your pushchair should be depends on what you want to transport in it. It's better to plan a little more space than you currently think is necessary.


Handcarts for pulling are available as single or double-axle models. Two-axle trolleys are steered via a drawbar and react even more sensitively to your steering. The trolley goes exactly where you want it to go. If there are passengers travelling in the pushchair, a brake is required so that you can secure the pushchair at any time. Adjustable telescopic handles can be extended to make navigation easier and increase comfort. If necessary, they can be locked so that the handle always remains in an upright position.

Large pneumatic rubber tyres

The right tyres contribute significantly to increased comfort and easier navigation of your stroller. Pneumatic tyres promise good suspension. This in turn makes transport easier for passengers and protects your equipment. In terms of size and composition, large tyres have been shown to roll best and are less easily damaged by potholes. Thick tyres are particularly suitable for trips to the beach - they are easier to pull through the sand.

Closed or with bars

Hand trolleys are not only available in a closed version, but also in a version with bars. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. With closed handcarts, the risk of losing objects is lower and the risk of injury is also lower. Children's hands can get trapped more easily and things can get lost in a handcart with bars - but cleaning is easier here.


Safety becomes important at the latest when you want to transport passengers with your pushchair. A low centre of gravity prevents the handcart from tipping over and joints with spacers prevent fingers from getting trapped.

Practical extras

Various extras are available for your handcart. A tipping function is particularly practical if you want to use the handcart for work (e.g. garden maintenance). This allows you to 'drop' waste or other items together. Waterproof rain protection keeps your trolley and its contents dry - a roof, on the other hand, can protect passengers from the sun. Dockable cool boxes or panniers are also conceivable.

Folding or collapsible vs. fixed hand trolleys

Fixed or solid hand trolleys are very robust. This stability ensures a high load capacity. Heavy equipment and passengers can be transported effortlessly. However, the robust construction also has its disadvantages: solid hand trolleys weigh more and are therefore harder to pull and harder to steer. This model is by no means space-saving - whether travelling or at home, the solid hand trolley needs space.

Foldable hand trolleys are lightweight. This also makes them easy to pull. They are not bulky and can be easily folded and stowed away. The trolley opens and folds within seconds. When folded, you can store it very easily and don't need any extra space or a cellar. Thanks to their small pack size, you can also take foldable hand trolleys with you on the bus or aeroplane. Disadvantage: The foldable models are usually not equipped with tubs. The trolley also tends to carry less than its solid relative - the load capacity limit is lower.

Fixed Foldable or collapsible
Space-saving Little Very heavy
Load capacity High Low
Weight Heavier Lighter
With tub Yes No
Material Robust Tends to be more vulnerable
Steering Tends to be sluggish Smooth-running
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