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Outdoor equipment

Before embarking on your next outdoor activity such as hiking, camping, climbing or trekking, you should make sure you have the right equipment for your adventure. With the right outdoor equipment, you can make your adventure safer, more comfortable and more carefree. In our outdoor shop you will find outdoor equipment from backpacks and sleeping bags to professional climbing equipment that will make your adventurer's heart beat faster.

But before you buy any outdoor equipment, you should be clear about what you really need. Our online shop offers you a large selection of equipment and outdoor accessories from high-quality brands such as deuter, Black Diamond, Ospray, Vango and many more.

  • Daypacksan outdoor backpacks that is ideal for hikes and short day trips. The backpack offers space for a change of clothes, food, water bottles and other equipment you need for your next adventure.
  • Laptop backpackslaptop backpacks are ideal for transporting and securing any laptop.
  • Climbing rucksacksthe climbing rucksack is, as the name suggests, suitable for climbing tours in the open air and offers the ideal storage space for food, a first aid kit and other climbing equipment.
  • Kids backpacksthe kids backpacks is suitable for kindergarten, school, sport or leisure. Children also need a way to transport their various items. Children's rucksacks are ideal for this as they are not too big and are comfortable to carry.
  • Child carriersa child carrier is the ideal solution for small children who are not yet able to walk properly or who are not physically able to walk a long distance. For the adults carrying the child carrier, the carrier is worn like a rucksack and for the child sitting in it, it serves as a cosy seat.
  • Pannierspacking bags are ideal for travelling or canoe trips. They offer plenty of storage space and are useful for protecting the items inside from dirt and water.
  • Mats: As it is difficult to pack your bulky mattress in your outdoor equipment and take it with you into the wilderness, there are inflatable mattresses and roll-up sleeping mats as an alternative option, which are easier to transport. These can also be easily stowed in a rucksack.
  • Sleeping bagssleeping bags : Sleeping bags replace blankets for overnight stays outdoors and, thanks to their material and closed shape, provide a warm place to sleep, even in the coldest temperatures.
  • Outdoor kitchens: To be able to prepare a hot meal when camping, you need portable cookers and pots that allow you to prepare hot meals quickly and easily. That's why a mobile outdoor kitchen is a must for any camping equipment.
  • Outdoor electronicsnowadays, nothing works without electronics. In order to be able to do things on your next outdoor trip that would not be possible without electronics, our shop also offers the right outdoor electronics in its range. This category includes, for example, practical immersion heaters, cable reels and extension cables for travelling.

In addition to the safety, appearance and expected function of the outdoor equipment, the products should of course also be reasonably priced in relation to their use.

In addition, the outdoor equipment you buy should also match the weather and temperature conditions of the region in which you want to carry out your desired outdoor activity. Sleeping bags, for example, should make sleeping warm and cosy despite a cold region. The outdoor equipment must also be adapted to the level of difficulty of the sporting activity.

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