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Mammut is the well-known Swiss outdoor brand with the red Mammut logo, which has been producing high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment since 1862. Ever since the production of ropes for agriculture, Mammut has been a pioneer when it comes to safety and later constantly developed new innovations such as its own avalanche transceiver for the protection of mountaineers or a unique mountaineering school.

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Innovative technologies and high-quality outdoor clothing make Mammut a brand that has become an integral part of the outdoor scene. Thanks to their care for us as outdoor enthusiasts, we have no obstacles on our next adventures. Be it for relaxed hikes or challenging alpine terrain, Mammut never lets you down.

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From rope to mountain equipment

Initially, the founder Kaspar Tanner produced ropes for agriculture, but these were subject to seasonal fluctuations. After the Second World War, production shifted to mountaineering and sailing ropes and became a mainstay of the company. Since the 1950s, Mammut has been recognised as an innovative company and launched the first glacier rope made of nylon yarn, a milestone in alpine safety. Over time, Mammut expanded its product range with functional clothing, hardware and footwear, including revolutionary mountain sports products such as jackets and trousers made of Gore-Tex material and the first Mammut softshell trousers. In 2003, the company changed its name to today's Mammut Sports Group AG.

Mammut goes Net Zero 

Mammut signed the ‘Paris Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action’ and pledged to be completely emissions-free by 2050 at the latest. Their goal is to limit global warming to a maximum of +1.5 degrees Celsius. They also signed up to switching their entire electricity supply to renewable energy by 2050 at the latest and to using materials and production processes with a low environmental impact.

The Brand Mammut 

Mammut was founded by Kaspar Tanner in Switzerland in 1862. Kaspar initially began by producing ropes for agriculture. Over time, he also realised that there was great potential in the outdoor industry and used his rope skills to produce climbing equipment. To this day, Mammut is one of the best-known brands in the outdoor scene and has become an integral part of it. Mammut has become known for its high-quality, durable clothing and technologies, whether for relaxed hikes or challenging mountain climbs.

A pioneer in safety  

In addition to the production of high-quality outdoor clothing, Mammut is also a manufacturer of safe and innovative mountaineering and climbing equipment. Safety is very important to Mammut, which is why they developed an avalanche transceiver in 1969 at the request of the Swiss army. Mammut continued to develop this device and was later able to make it available to every mountaineer. In addition, they founded the ‘Mammut Alpine School’, which provides training in all aspects of mountaineering and ensures that people are thoroughly taught about mountaineering.

Athletes as experts

Mammut has developed close partnerships with various professional athletes. These include athletes in the fields of alpinism, climbing and skiing. These athletes work together with Mammut and test their latest products in order to achieve innovative progress. A particularly successful example of such a co-operation was the ‘Eiger Extreme’ collection in 1995, in which alpinists such as Dani Arnold, Caro North and Stephan Siegrist used their ideas to produce safe and highly functional mountaineering clothing.

Free from harmful substances

Mammut relies on strict control of harmful substances along its entire value chain. Accordingly, only materials that fulfil high environmental and health standards are used. Harmful chemicals are also avoided, which are then replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives. Mammut is also a member of an independent and international institute, the ‘bluesign® system partnership’, which specifies a standard for sustainable textile production.

Fit and quality from Mammut

Mammut is known for the high quality of its outdoor equipment and clothing. Mammut uses only high-quality materials and advanced technologies to manufacture products that are robust and durable for the user. Mammut also ensures that these products have an optimum fit. Depending on the intended use, the fit can be close to the body or loose. Mammut also offers a special fit for women and men to ensure that they fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear.

Innovative product ideas

In addition to good quality and the careful use of materials, Mammut also offers many product innovations to ensure a safe and exciting outdoor experience. One of Mammut's innovations is the ‘Wall Rider’ climbing helmet. It is one of the lightest and safest climbing helmets on the market to date. It was developed using a hybrid construction of hard and soft foam to offer climbers optimum comfort.

Test report - Mammut Perform Fiber Bag -7C L synthetic fibre sleeping bag

‘I recently set off on my very first hammock overnighter. It made sense to combine the pleasant with the useful and try out the Mammut Perform Fiber Bag -7C L synthetic fibre sleeping bag during this special event.’

Hiking boot test: Mammut Comfort High GTX Surround men hiking boots

The Comfort High GTX Surround Men is a hiking boot made from the high-quality materials Hybrid Shell and Liquid Rubber Protection. It is often worn for hiking, multi-day hikes. trekking and also when travelling. The Comfort High GTX Surround Men gives you the choice of three colours, so you can combine it perfectly with your outfit.
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