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Buying hiking poles is a good idea as they can play a supportive role when hiking, especially on difficult terrain or long hikes. Here are some important things to consider when buying walking poles:


Hiking poles are available in a variety of materials, including aluminium and carbon fibre. Aluminium poles are robust and affordable, while carbon fibre poles are lighter and stiffer, but also more expensive.

Handle material:

for handles made of non-slip material that provides a good grip even with sweaty hands. Grips with a synthetic fibre coating are popular, but there are also cork grips that adapt well to the shape of your hand.

Fastening systems:

There are various fastening systems, including twist locks and quick-release fasten
The differences lie in the operation and stability of the pole.

Adjusting the length:

Make sure that the poles are long enough and can be easily adjusted to your height. Each pole category has an optimum length.


Lightweight hiking poles are ideal for minimising additional weight and being more agile on the move. However, comfort and stability are more important than weight.

Basket and tips:

The basket at the end of the poles should be interchangeable depending on the surface (e.g. wider basket for snow, narrower for rocky terrain). Nordic walking poles have rubber feet to provide proper cushioning on long, flat stretches. With hiking poles and trail running poles, you can decide whether you want to use the metal tip or additional rubber feet - depending on the intended use.

Cushioning systems:

Some hiking poles have built-in cushioning systems that can absorb shocks and reduce the strain on your wrists and arms. Foldability/telescoping: Consider whether you want poles that can be easily folded or telescoped for convenient transport. So-called folding poles are usually very light carbon poles.

Brand and quality:

Invest in well-known brands that are known for quality and durability to ensure that your hiking poles are reliable. Each material and construction has its pros and cons depending on how and where you plan to use the pole. Price: Consider your budget, but remember that it makes sense to invest in high-quality hiking poles that will give you maximum benefit on long hikes. Test the hiking poles before buying to make sure they are comfortable and fit your hiking style well.

Have fun hiking!
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