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Camping chairs

Discover our diverse range of foldable and collapsible camping chairs for ultimate outdoor comfort, perfect for holidays, fishing and festivals. With padded seats, adjustable backrests and comfortable armrests, our chairs offer increased comfort and relaxation during your outdoor adventures! Read more

Foldable and collapsible comfort for holidays, fishing and festivals

Enjoying nature, sitting by the fire, fishing, cooking in the open air, gazing at the stars or recovering from the stresses and strains of a festival - don't compromise on comfort and lean back in your camping chair. Whether foldable, collapsible, simple or equipped with all the bells and whistles - find the perfect camping chair for your purpose!

What camping chairs are available and what characterises them?

Camping chairs are easy to transport, weigh relatively little and offer a level of comfort that "natural" seating cannot match. They mainly differ according to the following points:

  • Type
  • Construction
  • Weight or packing dimensions
  • Load capacity
  • Material & colour
  • Extras

Which camping chair is right for you depends on how you want to use the camping chair. You will encounter the following different types:

Foldable or collapsible camping chair

Basically, a camping chair is foldable or collapsible. The pack size of foldable camping chairs is usually smaller and they are lighter than foldable models. However, they usually offer less comfort. These chairs are perfect for motorbike trips, canoe tours, hiking trips, etc. If, on the other hand, you are an enthusiastic car or caravan driver, the more comfortable but also bulkier folding camping chair is the right one for you.

Camping chair

Camping chairs and recliners promise maximum comfort. The comfortable camping chairs are usually equipped with padded seats and backrests as well as armrests and often have a high backrest. Here you can relax, browse and enjoy the sunset. You can also take the camping chair to the beach using the carry bag. These chairs are only less suitable for longer journeys (hikes etc.).

Camping stool

The camping stool is probably the most practical camping chair variant. Without a backrest or armrest, it offers less comfort than its relatives. However, you can take this chair with you and use it anywhere - whether it's a canoe trip, fishing or in your rucksack. Tip: If it rains, you can even use the low camping stool in your tent.

Camping lounger and deckchair

Camping loungers and deckchairs have the advantage that footrests are usually included. Although they have a larger packing size and weight due to the larger seating area, they can make up for this with increased (reclining) comfort and load capacity. You can also use the camping lounger as a bench for small guests or as a cosy guest bed.

What is the difference between folding and collapsible camping chairs?

Camping chairs can be purchased as foldable or collapsible models. Keep the following features such as advantages and disadvantages in mind when making your choice:

Folding camping chair

The folding camping chair offers a high level of comfort. This chair is usually equipped with adjustable armrests and high backrests that provide neck and back support. The robust construction makes the chair particularly stable. However, due to the large seat and wider frame, the weight and pack size are higher. Folding chairs are therefore particularly suitable for caravan and motorhome users who are looking for a high level of comfort and do not want to transport the chairs often.

Foldable camping chair

Folding chairs can be folded to a smaller pack size than folding camping chairs. This means they can be stowed away to save space. They also weigh less, as the poles are not as wide. The chairs are easy to transport and are particularly interesting for campers, hikers, anglers, beach and festival visitors! The seating experience of the folding chairs is also different. You don't sit upright in a foldable camping chair, but sink into a cosy position. Folding chairs are particularly suitable for soft beach surfaces. The chairs are less suitable for traditional dining at the table.

Folding camping chair Foldable camping chair
Seat Upright Relaxed
Load capacity up to 180 kg up to 145 kg
Pack size high low
Transport cumbersome light
Own weight tends to be heavier tends to be light
Characteristics High level of comfort Space-saving
Areas of use Car and caravan holidays Canoe and motorbike tours, hikes, festivals, fishing

Six sizes of a good camping chair that you should consider when buying

When buying a camping chair, be sure to consider the following aspects: load capacity, stability, comfort, handling, material and size:

Load capacity

On average, camping chairs are designed for a body weight of up to 120 kg. Our camping chairs can withstand a weight of up to 180 kg. Tip: Despite the stated load capacity limit, always add a few kilos to your body weight to ensure that you can enjoy your camping chair for a long time. Also bear in mind that you may want to share the chair from time to time. Two people can cosy up in our XL camping chairs or you can feed your toddler on your lap.


When buying, bear in mind that your camping chair must remain stable when you sit on it or lean back. If you also want to use the chair on the beach or similar surfaces, special chair frames are available that are stable even on soft ground.


Comfort is probably one of the most important things to consider when buying a camping chair. Otherwise, you could just as well sit on a stone, tree trunk etc. The following components ensure comfort:

  • Padded headrest
  • Padded armrests, at least 4 cm wide
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Seat height of approx. 70 - 100 cm
  • More than sufficiently wide seat

Easy to handle

You don't want to waste time setting up your camping chair, especially when you're on holiday. Make sure that the chair of your choice is not a complicated construction. You should be able to set it up intuitively and quickly and take it down again just as quickly. Even after repeated assembly, the hinges should still engage without any problems. Extras such as a side table or footrest can complicate the process.


When choosing the material, make sure that it can withstand bad weather conditions (rain, cold) and that you can leave the chairs outside at night (if you want to). If you plan to transport your camping chair often, you should choose a material that is lightweight. The cover material should be easy to clean (wipe clean) and be able to dry quickly. The material of the frame and the cover are equally relevant. When deciding on the material, consider how you want to use your camping chairs. You can find the properties of the materials below:

  • Aluminium: robust, cheaper, lightweight
  • Carbon: expensive, ultra-light
  • Stainless steel: durable, tends to be heavier
  • Wood: visually appealing, less resistant
  • Polyester / nylon for the cover: durable, weatherproof, dries quickly

Scope: Pack size and weight

If you want to transport the camping chair often - in your rucksack, to the beach, on hikes etc., the pack size and weight of the chair should not be too heavy (up to 4 kg). The weight of our camping chairs ranges from small and ultra-light chairs weighing 500 g to XL camping chairs weighing 8 kg.
The pack size shows you how big the camping chair is when folded or collapsed - i.e. how much space it takes up during transport. Think about whether you have a lot of space available in your car or caravan or whether you are travelling by motorbike or similar and need to save space.

The pack size of our chairs ranges from a space-saving 24 x 13 x 3 cm to 124 x 62 x 6 cm.
Please note: The more space the chair offers you to sit on, the more space it takes up and the higher its own weight. Of course, there are also camping chairs specially designed for children - after all, little people shouldn't sink into large armchairs. Thanks to their low weight and pack size, they are easy to transport and stow away.
The children's camping chair is also a blessing for you - you no longer have to balance your child on one leg and food on the other. Our children's camping chairs are available in cheerful variations as well as plain-coloured models.
Safety first: The chairs are designed so that they cannot tip over.

4 extras that make your camping chair even more comfortable

  1. Leg rest or footrest: Few things offer as much comfort as being able to put your feet up - but you can also expect a higher weight and pack size.
  2. Cup holder: The cup holder saves you having to reach for the table or floor and makes it difficult for insects to get at your drink.
  3. High backrest: To really be able to relax, you need a high backrest where you can rest your head - the pack size and weight are also higher here.
  4. Side table: The ultimate in comfort - the side table integrated into the camping chair. Save yourself the trouble of buying and setting up an extra table and buy two in one.

Checklist for buying a camping chair

Are you familiar with the different types of camping chairs, their features, areas of use and possible extras and want to make a final choice? Use our checklist to check which chair is right for you when buying:

  • Impression: Does the chair make a high-quality impression (material, fabric, workmanship)?
  • Stability: Does the camping chair wobble, does it squeak when you sit on it or is the fabric about to tear?
  • Load capacity: What body weight can the chair support?
  • Comfort: Is the chair comfortable and is the seat height comfortable?
  • Weight: How heavy is the camping chair?
  • Pack size: How big is the chair when folded or collapsed?
  • Handling: Can you assemble and disassemble the chair quickly and easily?
  • Weather resistance: Is the camping chair rustproof and corrosion-resistant?
  • Cleaning: Can the camping chair be cleaned quickly and easily?
  • Special features: Does the chair offer extras that you would like?

Still hesitating? 5 reasons why you should definitely own a camping chair

Still not completely convinced? We have 5 more reasons for you that will get you excited about camping chairs:

  1. Cosy get-togethers
    Invite your tent neighbours over to play cards and chat in the evening in the camping chairs around the campfire - camping chairs allow everyone to have a cosy get-together that doesn't have to end because of insects or aching backs.
  2. Resting after physical exertion
    You've hiked 20 kilometres and are longing for a break. That rock up ahead looks really "inviting". Then you'd better unpack your lightweight camping chair, sit down and lean back comfortably.
  3. Romantic
    holidays are wonderful - and then there's the clear starry sky! Now sit in a cosy camping chair as a couple and make plans - that would be perfect, wouldn't it?
  4. Camping chair miracle
    Camping chairs are suitable for much more than just camping. Hiking, canoe trips, motorbike excursions, picnics, festivals, fishing, beach holidays or barbecues - the chair provides the necessary comfort.
  5. Spare chair for surprise guests
    You've invited but two surprise guests have turned up? No problem. Fortunately, you still have comfortable camping chairs on hand to seat your guests.
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