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Bicycle helmets

A bicycle helmet is an absolute must for safe cycling, as it protects against serious head injuries, whether for adults or children. The selection of different models depends on individual needs and areas of use, from road bike helmets to MTB helmets and city bike helmets. Read more

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Protection & safety with a bike helmet

A cycle helmet for adults? - Yes, absolutely! Many adult cyclists are seen without a helmet because they refuse to wear head protection for visual or practical reasons. But: Anyone who rides without a cycle helmet is exposing themselves to a significantly higher risk of serious head injuries.

"Nothing will happen" or "I cycle so slowly in everyday life, I don't need a helmet." - Fatal mistakes that have often had serious consequences. Because even a fall at slow speed can result in serious injuries if you have an unfortunate fall. A cycle helmet can save lives, so it should also be a matter of course for adults.

Buying a cycle helmet: What to look out for?

When buying a cycle helmet, you should make sure above all that it

  • is particularly light

  • fits comfortably and can be individually adjusted

  • is breathable

  • is well made

  • and has an aerodynamic shape

If the bike helmet has a bright colour, it is naturally more eye-catching. Some manufacturers also offer illuminated cycle helmets.

Cycling helmets for men, women and children

Cycling helmets for men and women: There are no gender-specific differences here. In terms of functionality, cycle helmets for men and women do not differ. Only the design and colours are often different.

However, the situation is slightly different for children's helmets. These are specially developed for the shape of children's heads and are naturally much smaller than helmets for adults. Colours and designs are also usually a little more child-friendly.

What different bike helmets are there?

Whether it's a road bike, MTB or city bike, different demands are placed on a bicycle helmet depending on its use.

With a road bike helmet, it is important that it is particularly well ventilated. However, road bike helmets often do not have a visor so that you can still see optimally even if you are sitting at a steep angle. Road bike helmets are usually extremely light.

A visor on an MTB helmet protects against the sun and flying stones. Here too, it is important that the helmet is well ventilated. If you want to protect your face particularly well, you should opt for a full-face MTB helmet.

If you are travelling in the city, then a city helmet is perfect for you. These are usually a little less sporty, but offer additional safety features such as reflectors and lighting to make you as visible as possible in traffic.

Uvex bike helmets: maximum safety

If you are looking for high-quality yet affordable cycle helmets, the Uvex brand is the right choice. Uvex cycle helmets are generally very lightweight, have an ideal fit and good ventilation. They are usually equipped with a fly net and strap system. Thanks to special double in-mould technology, the helmets are very stable and particularly safe. Many helmets have a lighting system for optimum safety even in the dark. Uvex cycle helmets are also available for children.

Bicycle helmet sizes: How do I find the right bike helmet?

The head circumference is crucial for determining the right bike helmet size. To determine the right size, you need to measure it and compare it with the size information on the bike helmet.

Determine bike helmet size: Measuring the head circumference correctly

How do you measure your head circumference correctly? To determine your head circumference, you need a measuring tape. Place it approx. 2 cm above your eyebrows and measure the circumference. You can now compare this value with the manufacturer's size chart.

Bicycle helmet size chart

As a rule, the sizes can be determined according to the following table. However, please note that in case of doubt, individual manufacturers may deviate slightly from this size chart. To be on the safe side, it is therefore worth checking the manufacturer's size information again before buying.

Head circumference Bicycle helmet size
49-50 cm XXXS
51-52 cm XXS
53-54 cm XS
55-56 cm S
57-58 cm M
59-60 cm L
61-62 cm XL
63-64 cm XXL

Does the bike helmet fit correctly?

When you put on a bicycle helmet, make sure that it doesn't wobble on your head when you push slightly diagonally upwards against the helmet from the front. This is roughly the angle at which your head hits the ground when you fall. Also make sure that the helmet sits straight. It should neither be pulled too far back on the forehead nor slip too far back on the neck. The straps of the bike helmet should come together under the ear and not hang loose, but fit comfortably.

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