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Discover the magic of winter with our snowshoes that offer maximum comfort and performance. With generous contact surfaces for stability and integrated climbing aids for effortless uphill hiking, they are ideal companions for any winter adventure. Read more

Discover the magic of winter with our snowshoes

Experience the magical winter landscape in all its splendour as you hike comfortably and safely along snow-covered trails. Our high-quality snowshoes are your ticket to unforgettable winter adventures. Whether you're an experienced mountaineer or new to winter hiking, our snowshoes are designed to offer you maximum performance and comfort in the wintry outdoors.

Perfect contact surface for any terrain:

Safety and stability Snowshoes have generous contact surfaces that offer you optimum stability on a wide variety of terrain. Whether you are hiking through deep powder snow or travelling on icy paths, the wide contact surface ensures a secure footing and prevents you from sinking into the snow.

Climbing aids for effortless uphill hiking:

Comfortable metres in altitude With integrated climbing aids, snowshoes allow you to hike uphill effortlessly. The adjustable climbing aids support you on the ascent and take the strain off your calf muscles. This means you can tackle steeper ascents with ease and enjoy your winter adventures to the full.

Robust construction for any weather:

Durable companions in the snow All of our snowshoes are made from hard-wearing materials and can withstand wintry conditions. The robust construction ensures that the snowshoes maintain their performance even with intensive use and adverse weather conditions. You can rely on the durability of the products so that you can enjoy snowshoeing all season long.

Deep snow tours: lightweight construction for maximum freedom of movement

For those seeking adventure in deep snow, snowshoes offer a lightweight construction that ensures maximum freedom of movement. The optimum balance between weight and functionality allows you to move effortlessly through the snow and experience unforgettable tours. Ergonomic design: comfort for long winter excursions The ergonomic design of our snowshoes ensures that you enjoy maximum comfort even on longer winter excursions. The adaptation to the natural shape of your foot minimises fatigue and allows you to explore the winter landscape without discomfort.

Buying snowshoes made easy: find your perfect companion Discover the variety of our snowshoes and find the ideal model for your needs. We have a wide selection for you to experience winter in a whole new way with our high-quality snowshoes.
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