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Air mattresses

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of an air mattress when camping or for overnight guests. When buying, pay attention to important criteria such as size, number of people, integrated pump and thickness of the mattress. With our brands such as Outwell, Robens and High Peak, you are sure to find the right air mattress for you. Read more

Air mattresses

Comfortable air mattresses for camping and at home

Air mattresses are a comfortable sleeping surface for all kinds of occasions - for camping, for example: Are you still looking for a comfortable air mattress for a few nights at the campsite? You will certainly sleep more comfortably on an air mattress than on a sleeping pad.
This is because, although a sleeping mat provides excellent insulation from the cold ground, it is also very thin and therefore not particularly comfortable. When it gets colder, you should put a Camping mat underneath - or switch to a thermal mat.

Air mattresses are also often used for overnight guests at home. They are quickly inflated and can be stowed away to save space when not in use. Air mattresses are therefore also very popular guest beds.

What should you look out for when buying an air mattress?

Want to buy an air mattress? At you can get air mattresses from various brands such as Outwell, Coleman or High Peak... The product range is very extensive. Use our filter on the left-hand side and select, for example, brand and size. You should also ask yourself the following questions beforehand:

1. Air mattress for one or two people? How many people should sleep on the air mattress?

2. Size of the air mattress: How much space do I have? It may not be a problem at home, but space in a tent, for example, is usually limited. What is the maximum length and width of my air mattress that will fit in the tent?

3. Do I need an integrated pump? If so, do I have power to inflate the air mattress? Or would I prefer a foot pump?

4. How thick should the air mattress be? While a thicker air mattress is certainly more comfortable at home or at the campsite, a thinner air mattress is often more space-saving - and therefore more suitable for camping trips without a transport vehicle.

Buying air mattresses

Have you made your decision? Then you can order your air mattress conveniently online. Place your air mattress in the shopping basket and we will deliver it to your home quickly.

Would you like to buy an air mattress and prefer to inspect it on site and possibly get advice? Then you are very welcome in our shop in Fulda!

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