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LOWA is the German brand for hiking enthusiasts looking for high-quality and functional hiking boots. Since 1923, LOWA has stood for innovative technologies, top quality and an unbeatable fit. Whether you are looking for hiking boots for a day hike or for a multi-day trekking tour, LOWA shoes offer you the comfort and durability you need. The LOWA brand takes great care to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

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We are delighted to sell LOWA hiking boots. They are not only characterised by the highest quality, unbeatable comfort and outstanding functionality, but also by their sustainable and environmentally friendly production. With our hiking boots, we can offer our customers loyal companions for many years of adventures and unforgettable moments.

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LOWA looks back on a rich history 

The success story of the hiking and mountain boot manufacturer LOWA began over 100 years ago in the Upper Bavarian town of Jetzendorf with the three brothers: Lorenz, Hans and Adolf Wagner. The Wagners came from a Bavarian community and learnt the cobbler's trade from their father. But they had bigger dreams: they wanted to leave the confines of a small-scale cobbler's workshop behind them and set up a company that would revolutionise the world of alpine footwear. And they did: the brothers made history by founding LOWA, Hanwag and Hochland. Since then, the LOWA brand has stood for quality, comfort and innovation in the field of footwear manufacturing. In 2023, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary - a milestone in the history of LOWA. The vision and passion of the Wagner brothers still lives on today in every LOWA shoe. Through years of research and development, the company produces shoes that fulfil the individual needs of hikers, mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts. LOWA also pays attention to sustainability and environmental compatibility so that nature can be enjoyed for many years to come.

LOWA Hiking- und Trekkingshoes

In 1982, the company celebrated the birth of trekking shoes when the Trekker model was launched on the market. Due to financial difficulties and succession problems, LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH was sold to the Italian Tecnica Group in 1993. Werner Riethmann, Managing Director since 1992, became co-owner (then 10 per cent, now 20 per cent). Since then, LOWA has grown steadily as one of the most important outdoor shoe manufacturers in the world. LOWA now sells almost 3 million pairs of shoes worldwide. If you line up all these shoes, the result is a length of approximately 1,200 kilometres. This corresponds to the length of the Alps (from east to west).

LOWA produces in Upper Bavaria

LOWA relies on the perfect combination of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology in the development and production of its high-quality outdoor shoes. As a company with over 100 years of tradition, they know exactly what is important when manufacturing footwear for demanding hikers and mountaineers. Production takes place at three main sites in Germany, Italy and Slovakia. The focus is on the highest quality and sustainability - all shoes are "Made in Europe". The proximity of the production sites to research and development departments enables the company to react quickly to customer wishes and needs. At the site in Jetzendorf, for example, a complete new prototype can be produced within one day - an impressive testimony to craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise. In order to meet the highest production standards, the production facilities in Jetzendorf, Upper Bavaria, and Slovakia are wholly owned subsidiaries, thus guaranteeing consistently high quality. The shoe uppers are largely manufactured in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and then delivered to the production facilities in Germany, Italy and Slovakia, where they are joined to the soles.

LOWA beginnings with laced ski boots and mountain boots 

The first production building was built in the 1930s. Laced ski boots and mountain boots for mountain hunters were at the centre of production. After the death of the company founder, Wagner's daughter Berti and her husband Josef Lederer took over the company and gradually expanded the product range in the spirit of the founder. LOWA developed into a successful ski boot manufacturer in the 70s and 80s. LOWA set innovative trends with the Air System, which ensured an optimum fit thanks to air cushioning.


In hardly any other industry is the connection to the environment and nature as obvious as in the outdoor industry. However, this also means that responsibility is expected. European Outdoor Conservation Association LOWA is a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). This is an association of European outdoor companies that realise worldwide nature conservation projects. LOWA is involved in reforestation projects, among other things. LOWA is one of the founding members of cads e.V., an association of manufacturers and suppliers for the avoidance of harmful substances in footwear under the umbrella of the German Shoe Institute. All member companies voluntarily undertake to fulfil the deliberately high requirements of the "List of restricted substances in footwear" guideline.

LOWA base material: leather

A LOWA outdoor shoe is only perfect with leather of the highest quality! LOWA only uses high-quality leather and synthetic materials for the upper/lining material. The leather used in LOWA shoes comes exclusively from cattle of European origin and is naturally free of harmful substances. Whether soft border leather, supple lining leather or sturdy upper leather - everything is made from the same basic product.

Repair instead of throwing away

LOWA shoes not only impress with their high quality and robustness, but also with their environmental friendliness. This is because durable products are ecologically more valuable. LOWA offers an excellent repair service, for example for resoles. But even high-quality shoes need good care in order to remain comfortable, dirt and water repellent and to extend their lifespan. Leather in particular needs regular care to maintain its unique properties such as durability, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and breathability. So invest in the care of your LOWA shoes and they will accompany you on countless adventures.

An iconic hiking boot: the LOWA Renegade

The RENEGADE from LOWA was initially ridiculed as "unsellable", but LOWA Managing Director Werner Riethmann and his team of developers worked on a new idea that ultimately led to the launch of the first RENEGADE in 1997. This shoe established a new category - the All Terrain Collection, or ATC for short - and laid the foundation for today's multifunctional shoe category. These shoes are versatile and offer maximum comfort for a wide range of activities, from day hikes to walks in the woods with the dog. They are characterised above all by their lighter weight.

Fit and quality 

With its products, LOWA places particular emphasis on a perfect fit, high functionality, contemporary design and technical innovation. The durability of the products provides a significant ecological advantage. The commitment of the competent employees and the aspiration to design a perfect shoe accompanies every phase of product development. And the service surrounding the products also fulfils this requirement. The commitment to realise the highest performance for the highest product quality results in the guiding principle of uncompromising quality. LOWA products are not only a guarantee for optimum comfort, but also a safety factor. Absolute precision in development and construction are decisive for a safe step and the best possible functionality in the respective area of use.

The LOWA PRO Team tests 

Experience how the best gets even better: LOWA works with a team of the best athletes in the outdoor scene to develop its shoes. These top athletes from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland meet regularly with the development team in Jetzendorf, Bavaria, to put the entire LOWA collection through its paces and improve it further. The athletes of the LOWA PRO team are not only fascinating personalities, but also inspiring development partners and extreme testers. By working with the elite of the mountaineering scene, LOWA supports their expedition work and is constantly improving its products.

Test report – Lowa Renegade 100 GTX MID Ws. 

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