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Multi-purpose tents

No more clutter in the tent - with our utility tents you can separate living space from utility space and finally feel really comfortable again. Whether kitchen tent, utility tent, shower tent or changing room tent - our multi-purpose tents offer a wide range of uses and create additional space and organisation for a relaxed camping experience. Read more

Separate living space from utility space when camping

You're going on holiday and once again you have far too much stuff with you. You sleep in your tent between the paddle and the bike pump and if you move just a little, your head hits the frying pan. A relaxed holiday is different. So why not move all your equipment out and create separate areas? With a so-called utility tent, you can separate living space from utility space just like at home - and finally feel really comfortable in your tent again.

Do you really need a tent for appliances, showers etc.?

Of course, you could also pack all your things - luggage, equipment, cooking utensils - into a tent, namely the one in which your sleeping and - on rainy days - also your living space is located. It's just a shame if you can't find anything in all the clutter, the sleeping area gets dirty when you're cooking and it's just uncomfortably crammed.
With a utility tent:

  • you have space for items that don't fit in the tent or shouldn't be left outside unprotected,
  • your sleeping tent stays tidy and clean,
  • as a toilet or shower tent, you remain completely independent and don't have to put up with creepy hygiene standards,
  • you simply enjoy much more comfort and have more space to relax and move around.

The various uses for utility and equipment tents at a glance

  • Kitchen tent
  • Space for the barbecue
  • Equipment tent
  • Play corner
  • Shower tent
  • Toilet tent
  • Changing tent
  • Storage tent for bicycles, camping furniture, canoe
  • Privacy at festivals
  • Temporary garden shed
  • Privacy screen
  • Toilet tent for a party in the countryside

Which utility tents are available?

Equipment tent and storage tent for more space & organisation in the living tent

Utility tents and storage tents are ideal as an addition to the main tent. Whether storage space for camping furniture or luggage, a station for bicycles, surfboards or diving equipment - you can use the additional space in a variety of ways. Either way - your belongings remain protected even in unfavourable weather conditions.

Independent of any sanitary facilities: thanks to shower tents and toilet tents

Many a sanitary facility - whether on a campsite or at a festival - has made you walk out backwards. Sometimes, however, there is simply no shower or toilet available. With a shower tent, you remain independent. What's important here is not only a reliable closure (sometimes with a lock), but also opaque fabric. To prevent moisture from remaining in the tent and turning the shower tent into a sauna, your mini facility should have ventilation options. When it comes to toilets, campsites are not always equally well equipped, overcrowded or unhygienic. A toilet tent offers you additional privacy and the hygiene you desire. If the tent is the right size, it can often also be used as a shower tent. Of course, you can also use the toilet tent as an alternative loo for your outdoor party or construction site.

Changing room tent: create privacy and change comfortably

Of course, you could argue that a changing tent is a luxury for a camping holiday. But who hasn't experienced it - you either have to disappear into the sanitary facilities to get changed or frantically wriggle around in your sleeping bag. Provided, of course, that you don't mind other people watching you change. So how do you solve the problem? Simple - grab a changing tent. As a pop-up tent, it can be set up in no time at all. And you can finally change in peace and with enough space.

Kitchen tent - food odours and dirt stay in the "kitchen"

Cooking outdoors is of course the best. But what if it rains? Then you'll have to use the tent you're sleeping in. If you have enough space, this is not a problem apart from the smell that remains in the tent long after the meal and the splashes that you have spread everywhere. However, if there is also little space for cooking, it becomes critical. If you cook with a gas cooker, a sticky film may form on the tent walls. A kitchen tent eliminates all these problems. To make sure you enjoy your tent, make sure that your kitchen tent has enough space for your cooking equipment and is high enough for you to stand in.

What should a good utility tent have?

  • Waterproof: Who wants to cook or use the toilet in the rain? The water column indicates whether your tent can withstand rain. A tent is considered waterproof from a value of 1500 mm.
  • Robust construction: Utility tents have to withstand a variety of weather conditions - sun, rain, etc. The more robust your tent is, the longer it will last.
  • Ventilation options: Whether it's a kitchen tent, shower tent or toilet tent - make sure that moisture and odours can escape through windows, hatches or other options.
  • Easy to set up: After setting up your actual tent, you don't have to worry about setting up the equipment tent or shower tent as well. With a pop-up tent, all you have to do is unfurl it and it will "set itself up" in a matter of seconds. Also quick to set up: Inflatable equipment tents.
  • Shape / size: Depending on the intended use, the tent size plays an important role. Make sure that you have enough space for both the shower tent and the changing tent.
  • Small pack size: The smaller the tent can be folded up, the easier it is to stow away. This is particularly practical if you are travelling on foot, by bike or motorbike.
  • Opaque fabric: Shower tents, toilet tents and changing room tents in particular should beopaque.
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