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Dometic Outdoor offers innovative solutions for travelling, whether camping with the family, in a motorhome or caravan, or simply on the beach. Their high-quality tents and equipment perfectly combine comfort and functionality. Discover a variety of products, from classic camping tents to air awnings and cosy accessories, including mobile cool boxes and comfortable outdoor furniture that will make your camping trip unforgettable.

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As a Dometic dealer, we benefit not only from the excellent quality and reputation of the brand, but also from the versatility and wide range of applications of the products. Whether our customers are going on camping trips, travelling by motorhome or simply want to spend time in the great outdoors, with Dometic we have the right products to meet their needs. We also appreciate Dometic's sustainability efforts. The brand actively promotes environmentally friendly production processes and materials to minimise its ecological footprint.

What we love about Dometic

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Globally connected outdoor specialists

Since its realignment in 2015, Dometic has evolved from a traditional business-to-business provider to a dynamic brand that is passionate about providing customised solutions for consumers who are all about adventure, freedom and the beauty of the nature. With an impressive presence, Dometic operates 25 production and assembly sites in 11 countries and ensures first-class service and fast availability with distribution in around 100 countries. No matter where you are, Dometic is just a step away.

From a crazy idea to a pioneering invention

The fascinating story of Dometic began with the ambitious Swedish engineering students Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters. With their ground-breaking idea of using heat for cooling, they developed the world's first refrigerator without a compressor or moving parts. Their ingenious breakthrough attracted the attention of greats such as Albert Einstein and led to the granting of a patent. Arctic, an aptly named Swedish company, acquired the manufacturing rights, followed by Electrolux, a leading household appliance manufacturer, who recognised the potential and acquired Arctic in 1925. In the post-war years, refrigerators experienced an enormous boom and found their way into millions of households. Electrolux, inspired by the success of the refrigerator and the hoover, began to penetrate the leisure market in the 1950s, acquiring ground-breaking innovations and strong brands. This strategic expansion led to the establishment of the leisure equipment division under the name Dometic at the end of the 1960s. The transition to an independent company took place in 2001. Dometic now had to stand on its own two feet and did so successfully by staying true to its roots and continuously developing intelligent and award-winning solutions. Further significant acquisitions expanded the Dometic product range even further. Today, Dometic is not only synonymous with mobile living solutions, but has also become synonymous with an outdoor lifestyle that ranges from the home patio and garden to the adventurous wilderness. In addition, Dometic offers products and solutions for professional users in areas such as catering and healthcare.

Tents made from recycled materials

Protecting nature is a top priority for Dometic. The company actively pursues the introduction of new materials and is involved in various projects to develop products with sustainable and recycled materials. The REDUX material is a further step in this direction and consists of lightweight polyester fibre made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The Dometic Rarotonga, Leggera and Auto tents, the second generation of the popular Dometic HUB gazebo and the Lusso Milano camping chairs are the first products to feature the Global Recycled Standard certified Weathershield™ REDUX material. However, this is just one of many ways in which Dometic is ensuring sustainability throughout the company and offering environmentally conscious customers a safe and reliable choice.

Products that set standards

 Dometic is proud to offer a range of innovative products that not only exceed customer expectations, but are also recognised by experts and industry insiders. Their continuous search for ground-breaking solutions has won them several prestigious awards. For example, their rooftop tents have been recognised for their intelligent design, functionality and high-quality materials with various awards such as the Outdoor Industry Award and the German Design Award.

Dometic promotes a sustainable future for mobile living

Dometic is firmly committed to increasing energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy sources to further reduce the carbon footprint of those who love the mobile lifestyle. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions caused by operational activities by 50% by 2030. With their sustainability platform, they are systematically pursuing their goals and continuously working towards a sustainable future. These ambitious goals are part of the commitment to a more sustainable future. By further optimising operational processes and switching to environmentally friendly energy sources, the impact of the mobile lifestyle on the environment is minimised.

Awnings from Dometic

With its many years of experience and commitment to innovative solutions, Dometic is the first choice for camping and caravanning enthusiasts worldwide. Dometic awnings are characterised by their wide range and high quality. With a variety of models and sizes, Dometic offers awnings for every need and taste. Inflatable awnings, drive-away awnings or fully retractable awnings, Dometic has the right solution for you. What makes Dometic awnings special is their outstanding workmanship and durability. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the demanding requirements of outdoor life. From intelligent ventilation systems and simple pitching mechanisms to thoughtful storage solutions and customisable configurations, Dometic awnings offer comfort and convenience that enhance the camping and caravanning experience. The versatility of the awnings should also be emphasised. The Dometic multi-height system ensures that the inflatable awnings are equally suitable for caravans and motorhomes with a piping connection that can be adjusted to different heights.

Cool boxes from Dometic

Dometic coolers are equipped with innovative technology to ensure optimum cooling performance. They utilise efficient compressor technology or powerful thermoelectrics to provide reliable cooling, regardless of the ambient conditions. With advanced temperature controls, you can precisely set the desired cooling temperature to keep your food and drinks exactly as cool as you want them. The quality and performance of Dometic coolers have already won several honours and awards.

Family tents from Dometic

Dometic camping tents are characterised by their robust construction, first-class materials and well thought-out designs. Whether you want to hide away in a rainy forest or relax on a sunny campsite, Dometic tents offer protection, comfort and functionality in any environment. With a wide range of sizes, styles and features, you'll find the perfect tent for your adventures at Dometic. The well-designed family tents offer the right model for every need, with generous sleeping areas, spacious living areas and practical storage options for your equipment.

Camping furniture Dometic

 Enjoy your time travelling with friends and family thanks to the high-quality camping furniture from Dometic. The sturdy chairs and tables with adjustable legs allow you to sit comfortably and enjoy meals outdoors, whether outside your tent or under the awning. Dometic camping furniture is specially designed to allow you to set up quickly and easily, so you can create a cosy place to eat and relax together. Because these are the moments that make camping special. Let Dometic camping furniture accompany you and experience unforgettable camping adventures in the best company..

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