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Inflatable awnings

Welcome to the world of Dometic air awnings!

With Dometic inflatable awnings, we offer an innovative and comfortable solution for your camping adventures. Whether you're travelling with your motorhome, caravan or van, inflatable awnings are the perfect addition to make your stay outdoors even more enjoyable.
Thanks to Dometic's advanced Air Frame technology, you can set up your awning effortlessly and in no time at all. No more fiddling with poles or complicated assembly instructions! Simply connect the air pumps and the awning is inflated automatically. In just a few minutes, your private retreat is ready for you to relax and enjoy nature to the full.
The inflatable awnings are not only easy to set up, they are also extremely robust and durable. Made from high-quality materials, they offer excellent resistance to wind and weather. With the integrated tensioning straps and pegs, you can anchor your awning securely and stay relaxed even in strong gusts.
Another advantage of Dometic air awnings is their versatility. With different sizes and configurations, you can choose the awning that best suits your individual needs. Whether you're looking for extra living space, a covered dining area or simply a sheltered entrance area, Dometic has the right inflatable awning for you.
Dometic places great emphasis on quality and innovation. Their air awnings have been carefully developed and tested to meet the highest standards, so you can focus on your camping adventures without having to deal with complicated pitching or unstable awnings.
Immerse yourself in the world of Dometic inflatable awnings and experience camping in a new, comfortable way. Whether you're an experienced camper or a newcomer, air awnings make your outdoor life easier and more enjoyable.
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