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Bike backpacks

Explore the world on two wheels with our bike rucksacks! Developed for cyclists, they offer comfort and functionality, with special compartments for helmets and hydration systems as well as reflective elements for safety at night. Read more

Bike backpacks for men & women

Buy cheap bikebackpacks for men and women online at Here you will find a large selection of bike backpacks from various brands. Deuter, Osprey, EVOC, Ortlieb and many more. - here you will find high-quality bike backpacks from well-known manufacturers. Do you need advice? No problem - our experienced team will be happy to help you. Simply send an email to or call us on +49 (0) 661 - 480 199 0.

Women's bike backpacks: That's the difference!

Bike backpacks especially for women? Yes, when it comes to outdoor backpacks, special women's models make perfect sense. This is because women's models differ from unisex or men's models primarily in terms of their fit. Women's bike backpacks are adapted to the anatomy of the female body. This means, for example, that the back section is slightly narrower and shorter . The hip straps are conically shaped. As women tend to have a wider pelvis and a narrower waist than men, the hip straps fit better without any annoying pressure. The shoulder straps also differ slightly: the shoulder straps of women's bike backpacks are more curved so that they pass the chest and at the same time do not rub against the arms.

Bike backpacks & bike bags at

Bikebackpack or bike bag? Are you looking for a suitable bag for your city bike? If you ride a bike with a rack and are looking for a bag for everyday use, you can simply attach a bike bag to the side of the rack - and don't have to put on a rucksack. However, if you are travelling outdoors on a mountain bike, then you should choose a bike rucksack.

Are you a sporty cyclist? Some bike rucksacks are equipped with a hydration system and are ideal for sporty cyclists. Although some bike backpacks do not yet have an integrated hydration system, they are compatible with a hydration system so that you can add one at a later date

How big should a bike backpack be? The right volume

How big your bike backpack should be depends primarily on what you plan to do with it. For short day trips, a volume of 10 - 19 litres is usually perfectly adequate. If you are planning tours lasting several days, the backpack should have a volume of more than 20 litres.

Bike rucksacks for road cycling: Do you like travelling by road bike? Road bike backpacks are subject to even stricter requirements than mountain bike backpacks. For road cycling, the bike backpack should be as small and streamlined as possible. The smaller the better.

In addition to volume, you should also look out for useful extras when buying a bike rucksack: With an integrated rain cover, for example, your rucksack is protected even in rain showers. However, bike rucksacks are usually also made to be water-repellent.
Some bike rucksacks have an extra helmet attachment. Side and inside pockets help you to organise your things and keep them within easy reach.

Belts & straps on the bike backpack

Wide and padded shoulder straps ensure that the bike rucksack doesn't cut in. Especially with a heavy load. The shoulder straps should have breathing holes to prevent heavy sweating. Ideally, the hip belt should also be padded. In some cases, this is also removable. Compression straps ensure that you can pull the load closer to your back if the rucksack is not completely full. This makes the weight more comfortable to carry. A chest strap also contributes to increased carrying comfort, as it holds the shoulder straps together above the chest. It is important that the shoulder straps, chest strap and hip belt are individually adjustable.

Back system for bike backpacks

If the backpack is tight on your back, you will quickly start sweating. It is therefore important that the backpack has a well-designed back system so that air can circulate between the backpack and your back. One solution here, for example, is back padding with air channels. Foam channels in the back padding ensure good air circulation. Some rucksacks also have a mesh back. With the help of a mesh, the backpack is bent slightly away from the back. It therefore does not rest directly on the back and ensures good ventilation of the back.

Adjusting a bike backpack correctly - step by step

How do I adjust a bike backpack correctly?

  1. Firstly, you should loosen all straps and belts.
  2. Then you can fasten the hip belt in the centre of the hip bone and tighten it so that your hips can support the weight of the backpack.
  3. Now you can tighten the shoulder straps.
  4. Finally, fasten the chest strap and check that the rucksack fits properly.
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