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deuter is a German manufacturer of backpacks, sleeping bags and accessories. If you want to go on a hike through the mountains or just a short bike ride, deuter will accompany you every step of the way. deuter offers backpacks for every situation and area of outdoor life. Incredible carrying comfort and enough space to stow your equipment are guaranteed in a deuter backpack. They also offer a selection of affordable and comfortable sleeping bags to keep you warm and protected through the night.

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Selling deuter is a privilege! Their backpacks are not only known for their quality and unbelievable carrying comfort, but also for the fact that deuter is so committed to environmental and labour protection. Knowing that a product has not been produced to the detriment of anyone or nature makes an already wonderful product even more beautiful.

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deuter: Your reliable partner for outdoor equipment and adventures

deuter embodies the philosophy of adrenaline and safety. As passionate mountain sports enthusiasts, they are constantly looking for new challenges that they can master together. The endeavour to inspire people to join the deuter family goes hand in hand with our respectful interaction with each other. They boldly break new ground to pave innovative paths in mountain sports while always keeping responsibility in mind. As a company dedicated to outdoor equipment, they strive for sustainability to prove their commitment to the environment and nature.

Right to the top

deuter backpacks have accompanied numerous mountain expeditions and have proven themselves as reliable trekking backpacks and equipment. As early as 1934, the Tauernsack was recognised as a high-quality piece of alpine equipment on the first expedition to Nanga Parbat. Anderl Heckmair mastered the north face of the Eiger in 1938 with a Deuter rucksack, and Hermann Buhl carried a Tauern backpack from Deuter on his famous first solo ascent of Nanga Parbat (8,125m). Until the end of the 1970s, almost all mountain expeditions relied on deuter backpacks and equipment. In 1972, the company equipped the Olympic team with high-quality travel and sports bags for the fourth time.

deuter Alpine and Bike Family: athletes as product testers and innovation drivers

In the Deuter Alpine Family and the Deuter Bike Family, athletes have the unique opportunity to put the brand's latest products through their paces. These exclusive groups are made up of passionate mountaineers and enthusiastic mountain bikers who share their expertise and passion with Deuter. The athletes play a crucial role in the development process by testing the equipment under extreme conditions and providing valuable feedback. Thanks to this intensive collaboration between Deuter and the athletes, products are developed that meet the requirements of the most demanding adventurers and fulfil the highest standards of comfort, functionality and durability. This close exchange helps to ensure that deuter continues to produce first-class outdoor equipment that can withstand the challenges of nature.

Backpacks that write history

The history of deuter, the renowned manufacturer of backpacks and outdoor equipment, goes back to 1898, when Hans Deuter laid the foundation stone.At that time, the company in Augsburg-Oberhausen was known as a ‘mechanical canvas and linen weaving mill’. Even in the early days, the brand supplied the Royal Bavarian Post Office with envelopes and sacks. Even during the Second World War, soldiers and horses were equipped with Deuter's robust bags. Over the years, the brand has built up an excellent reputation in the industry and is now one of the leading manufacturers of hiking backpacks and bags in Germany.

Do something good

deuter, as a leading company in the outdoor sector, demonstrates its strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. As a founding member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), deuter plays a decisive role in non-profit nature conservation projects worldwide. In addition, the company has established itself as a system partner of bluesign®, the world's strictest standard for environmental protection, consumer protection and occupational safety. In 2011, deuter joined the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) to monitor the working conditions of its partners in Asia and was honoured with the ‘Best Practice Award’ in April 2015. The German government recognised deuter's efforts by making the company a member of the Textile Partnership in 2015. Deuter receives the Fear Wear Leader status for the 11th time in a row in 2023. Particularly noteworthy is that from 2020, deuter will manufacture all products 100% PFAS-free and instead rely on environmentally friendly DWR coatings, which not only keeps the materials dry but also protects the environment. The commitment to environmental protection extends to their site in Gersthofen, which has been certified as climate-neutral since October 2021.

Masterful quality and innovation in backpacks and sleeping bags

deuter products, especially backpacks and sleeping bags, are characterised by a unique combination of quality, innovation and performance. With a proud heritage dating back more than a century, deuter has built an unrivalled reputation in the outdoor equipment industry. The backpacks are known for their outstanding workmanship and durability. They are manufactured with the utmost precision and from high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the stresses and challenges of outdoor use. The innovation at deuter is evident in the well thought-out details and ergonomic design of their products. Backpacks are equipped with innovative carrying systems that ensure maximum comfort and optimum weight distribution. Numerous pockets, compartments and fastening options enable efficient organisation and easy access to equipment and personal items. 
 Their sleeping bags are also characterised by their high quality and functionality. They are made from carefully selected materials and offer excellent insulation and comfort to ensure a restful night's sleep outdoors.

Sustainable materials

deuter pursues a comprehensive sustainability strategy that is reflected in various aspects of its product development. Compliance with the strict ‘bluesign® Criteria’ is a central focus. These criteria are used to check the production processes and components in detail and to optimise them sustainably. This approach ensures that every step in the manufacturing process is designed to be sustainable, resulting in products that carry the coveted ‘bluesign® Product’ label. The company has also committed to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which means that only certified down has been used as filling material since 2015. The RDS ensures that animal welfare and species-appropriate husbandry, from the chicks to the down, are subject to strict guidelines and that animal welfare is always the top priority. In terms of materials, deuter is placing an increased focus on recycled fabrics and aims to source at least 50% of the materials in its products from recycled synthetic fibres, particularly nylon and polyester, by 2025. The INFINITI series, which gives surplus fabrics a second chance, is also particularly noteworthy. With every product sold from this range, deuter supports selected environmental organisations with 1%. These diverse sustainability efforts make deuter a pioneer in the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable outdoor equipment.
The mountaineering products in the Bergtagen series are perfectly tailored to mountain activities above the tree line and offer unrestricted freedom of movement and reliable performance. The Keb products are optimised for technical trekking and offer optimum freedom of movement and functionality. For lighter day hikes, hut-to-hut trekking and summer temperatures, the Abisko products are suitable, while the Singi products are designed for traditional trekking and Scandinavian conditions.
The Greenland, High Coast, Övik and Vardag product families bridge the gap between everyday and outdoor life and offer a wide range of versatile, functional and durable products that cut just as good a figure in everyday life as on a trip into the great outdoors. The iconic Kanken with its minimalist design is not only extremely robust, practical and functional, but also makes every day a little more colourful with its almost infinite colour palette.

Where does deuter produce?

deuter, a company with a firm belief in long-term partnerships, attaches great importance to continuity and trust. In contrast to frequent ‘supplier shopping’ for cost reasons, they maintain long-term relationships with their suppliers. This philosophy has helped to build personal closeness and trust. Since 1991, the backpacks and accessories have been produced at Duke in Vietnam, which accounts for over 90% of total production. The close and friendly partnership between deuter and Duke goes back two generations and is based on shared values. Over the last 30 years, Duke has developed valuable expertise in manufacturing, logistics and partnership with deuter. The consistent cultivation of long-standing partnerships enables the company to guarantee the quality and durability of its trekking rucksacks and other products with complete conviction.

Repair service: quality and durability you can rely on

The deuter repair service is an outstanding customer service that emphasises the longevity and reliability of the products. If a backpack or other equipment is damaged or worn out, this service is available to carry out repairs and ensure that the products are back in perfect condition. The experienced team of repair technicians work carefully and precisely to ensure that all repairs meet Deuter's high quality standards. This service helps to extend the life of the products while minimising the environmental footprint as fewer resources are needed to replace equipment. Customers can rely on the deuter repair service to keep their treasured outdoor gear in top condition, allowing them to enjoy their adventures for longer.

Test report - Deuter Little Star children's sleeping bag

Isn't it nice when children don't just have smartphones, TVs and games consoles in their heads, but also enjoy being out and about in nature, playing and discovering the world? As we want to give our little adventurer as much of this as possible, he is part of most of our activities. This also applies to our excursions with overnight stays in the new roof tent. And as we didn't always want to take the cot with us, we quickly realised that we needed a children's sleeping bag. We chose the Little Star sleeping bag from Deuter, which grows with the child and is aptly named.

 Test report – deuter Aircontact Ultra 50+5 

The deuter Aircontact Ultra 50+5 is a rucksack that has been specially developed for ultra-light trekking tours where every gram counts. The rucksack was tested on a 3-day tour along the Harzer Hexenstieg in very changeable weather and a balanced altitude profile.

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