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Cots / camp beds

Discover our camping loungers and camp beds for ultimate outdoor comfort when sleeping or relaxing outdoors. Robustly built and easy to transport, they offer a comfortable solution for restful nights and relaxing hours in the open air. With sturdy materials and easy assembly, they are the perfect addition. Read more

Camping loungers and camp beds

Sleep or sunbathe in comfort

Of course camping means adventure. But your adventure doesn't have to be uncomfortable and filled with sleepless nights. Because honestly - who likes sleeping on cold and uneven ground? With a camping lounger or camp bed in your tent, you can finally sleep really well on holiday (and wake up without back pain). Of course, you can also use your lounger in the garden, take it to the beach or offer it to your surprise guests as a place to sleep.

Difference between camp bed and camping cot

Camp beds are more robust than camping beds. They are also bulkier and heavier and you have to cope with a larger pack size. This makes them difficult to transport, but usually ensures a large lying surface and a high level of comfort!
As the name suggests, a camp bed is very similar to a real bed. They are usually thickly padded and offer a comfortable lying surface.

Cots are more compact and lighter in construction than their counterparts.
They are generally easier to transport and you can easily take them to the beach or carry them to your favourite spot in the garden.
Of course, you can also use camping loungers for sleeping - but equip your lounger with a sleeping mat, as the loungers are usually not heavily padded.
However, the head section can usually be raised so that you can relax and sunbathe while reading a book.

Your checklist for choosing the best camping lounger or camp bed

  1. Robust material or fabric: steel, aluminium and synthetic fibre

    The material of our camping loungers is usually either steel or aluminium. Both materials are easy to clean and weather-resistant. Make sure that aluminium sun loungers are rust-resistant. Steel and aluminium are also very light - which is practical for transport and assembly. Synthetic fibres are ideal for covering camp beds. They are robust and easy to care for - and you have less hassle with cleaning and maintenance.
    The firm cover also prevents the fabric from wearing out and prevents back pain.

  2. Load capacity up to 150 kg

    The maximum load capacity limit indicates how much weight your lounger can withstand. Allow for a buffer in addition to your body weight in the load capacity limit - then the camp bed will remain securely in place even if you sleep restlessly. If you are buying the cot for your child, you should also factor in a few extra kilos here - they love to use the cot as a play castle. The cot is more forgiving due to its higher load-bearing capacity.
    However, please note that the load capacity limit can also have an effect on the weight due to a more stable construction.

  3. Camp bed construction

    If the legs are crossed, you can usually enjoy a larger lying surface. Struts, on the other hand, offer comfortable suspension and a small pack size.
    Please note that a more stable construction also adds to the weight.

  4. Weight

    The weight of your lounger depends on the material and construction. Stability and comfort are also proportional to the weight.
    The weight also becomes important as soon as you have to set up the camp bed or want to transport it. Are you constantly on the move and want to be able to transport your sunbed or camp bed easily? Make sure that the weight does not exceed 2 kg. Even with tents, this weight is still light enough to carry for longer periods.

  5. Size

    You should still have some space between the length and width of the edge. After all, you probably won't always lie like a rock on the lounger.
    When choosing the size, also bear in mind that the larger the lounger, the larger the lying surface. Conversely, the pack size will also be larger and transport will be more strenuous.

  6. Assembly of the camping lounger

    Assembling your sunbed should not be rocket science. There is no need for technically demanding assembly with our models. You can set them up quickly and easily.

  7. As comfortable as a bed

    The design of the lounger alone ensures bed-like comfort. Do you want extra comfort? Look out for padded lying surfaces and soft head cushions. They radically increase lying comfort.

  8. Stability: safety bars, movable feet & co.

    It goes without saying that your lounger must not tip over or fold up when you move.
    Crossed legs provide the necessary stability. Triangular brackets provide additional stability. Your lounger should be equipped with at least two to three large brackets that serve as support legs. Height-adjustable headboards must also be securely locked into place.
    Movable feet also improve stability on uneven ground.

  9. Transporting the lounger

    A small pack size and low weight promise easy transport.
    The smaller the lounger can be folded up, the better.
    There are also sophisticated designs such as the One-Go-System folding system, which looks complicated but turns a handy package into a comfortable travelling or camping bed in just a few simple steps, making it even easier to carry.

Camping cot or camp bed or air mattress? A comparison

Camping lounger or camp bed

Camping loungers and camp beds are incredibly comfortable as they are often padded. You are also away from the uncomfortable ground.
However, the comfort also makes them somewhat bulkier than air mattresses.
Camping cots are also heavier due to their construction, which supports the lying surface, and are therefore not as suitable for transport on foot or by bike. However, this also makes them more stable and more comfortable to lie on.
Unlike mattresses, they do not require emergency surgery in the middle of the night.

Air mattress

Air mattresses are practical - you can roll them up very small. Smaller than you could fold up a camp bed or lounger. They are also lighter. It can be stowed away quickly and transported easily.
It inflates itself with an electric pump, but can take longer than it takes to unfold your camp bed.
It can also happen that the mattress loses air during the night - and you wake up in pain on the hard floor.

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