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The well-known brand Schöffel, which was founded in Schwabmünchen, Bavaria, in 1804, is known for its innovative and functional clothing - whether for skiing, mountaineering, cycling or hiking. In co-operation with GORE-TEX, Schöffel guarantees waterproof and hard-wearing clothing. Schöffel also attaches great importance to pollutant-free production and pays careful attention to the handling of its materials.

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Timeless and functional clothing with its origins in Germany makes Schöffel a long-lasting and trusted brand in the outdoor industry. Thanks to innovative technologies such as 4D Body Mapping and many more, Schöffel guarantees everyone a safe and exciting outdoor experience, without the pressure to perform or compete. True to the motto: "I'm out".

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The Brand Schöffel 

Schöffel is a German family business that was founded in 1804 and has developed over the years into a significant market leader in the outdoor clothing and equipment sector. The company was originally founded by Georg Schöffel in Schwabmünchen, Bavaria, and began by selling socks and stockings. Later, Schöffel decided to produce outdoor clothing and equipment after this became increasingly popular on the market over the years. Today, Schöffel is a leading supplier of functional outdoor clothing and equipment characterised by high quality, innovative technologies and timeless design. Their slogan "I'm out" emphasises their corporate philosophy and stands for an active lifestyle. Because Schöffel dresses all those who are looking for a healthy balance between an intensive working life and sporty leisure time. Nature is their place where they can recharge their batteries and recharge their batteries, where they can find themselves together with friends and family.

Schöffel and GORE-TEX® 

In the late 1970s, Schöffel worked with the manufacturer GORE-TEX® on a hard-wearing, windproof and waterproof membrane. Schöffel ordered the sweat capacity for 24,000 jackets without having a single order in order to be able to provide sufficient goods for an upcoming Gore advertising campaign. In 1983, they started with an order for 70 mountain anoraks, "Tibet" from Sport Schuster in Munich and a full-page daily newspaper advert from Gore - by midday on the day of publication, all the anoraks had already been sold. The triumphal march of GORE-TEX® and Schöffel now began. Over the next few years, the company experienced a boom. The collaboration between the two companies is still of great value today and represents a long-term success for both.

Schöffel brand ambassador

Schöffel co-operates with many different brand ambassadors who have the aim of representing and promoting the Schöffel brand. Schöffel selects its brand ambassadors carefully. It is important to them that they stand behind Schöffel and agree with its values. Last but not least, the well-known ski racer Felix Neureuther became a member of the Schöffel brand ambassadors and develops new products together with them.

Company history of Schöffel

After the company was founded, Josef Schöffel, son of the founder Georg Schöffel, had to go to war and saved the life of the Bavarian crown prince. Thanks to his actions, he received a lifelong life annuity. Many years later, he continued to invest the time he had saved by trading in hosiery. Many years later, Schöffel decided to manufacture outdoor clothing and equipment. This decision marked a significant milestone in the family company's 200-year history, as Hubert Schöffel hit the nerve of the times and was successful: four years later, Schöffel became the market leader in trousers and, in 1975, also for anoraks and hiking clothing. The idea of fastening ski trousers over boots also saw the light of day in Schwabmünchen as Jethose. A new era has begun.

Where does Schöffel produce? 

Schöffel produces around 1.6 million items annually in various countries. 14% of the production volume comes from Europe, while over 78% is manufactured in Asia. Given the global distribution of production sites, it is a challenge for the medium-sized company to ensure socially fair working conditions. Schöffel takes this responsibility very seriously and has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which campaigns for fair working conditions in the clothing industry, since 2011. The company attaches great importance to transparency and takes a variety of measures to ensure this. Schöffel has been using climate-neutral green gas to heat its site in Schwabmünchen since 2019 and expanded its production and work areas in 2011.

Schöffel Echo 

Schöffel's corporate philosophy is based on sustainability and social responsibility. The "echo" label represents the company's impact on nature and the environment and stands for a responsible future. Sustainability is a fundamental value that should be anchored in all areas of the company. That is why Schöffel strives to act ecologically and responsibly and produces high-quality and durable outdoor clothing with great care.

What materials does Schöffel use?

Schöffel is a company that sets high standards for the materials used in its products. Cotton is used for plant fibres. The wood must not come from illegal logging or HCVF forests. Animal fibres are only used if species-appropriate animal husbandry is guaranteed in accordance with the 'Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare' of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC). Schöffel also avoids mulesing sheep, does not use mohair or angora fibres and does not use real fur or furs. Down and feathers come exclusively from certified sources and comply with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials 

The company attaches great importance to using materials that are free from harmful substances. Schöffel has developed its own "Green Choice" strategy to manufacture more sustainable products and minimise its impact on the environment. Schöffel has also drawn up a list of banned chemicals that must not be used in its products in order to ensure optimum safety. In addition, Schöffel uses sustainable materials such as recycled polyester or organic cotton and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures fair working conditions in the supply chain.

Schöffel Service Factory

For some time now, Schöffel has also been offering a service called "Schöffel Service Factory", where customers can have customised items of clothing produced and receive helpful product advice. They also take care of alterations and repairs to the respective Schöffel products.

The 4D Body Mapping Technologie 

4D body mapping is an innovative 21st century tailoring technique developed by Schöffel to perfectly tailor outdoor clothing to the wearer's body. Various body zones are measured and the data fed into 3D software. This then calculates the optimum fit and the required materials for each body zone. Compared to conventional size charts and fits, 4D Body Mapping enables individual customisation to the wearer's body shape. This should ensure greater freedom of movement, improved comfort and better insulation in cold weather. The technology is used in particular in Schöffel's clothing lines for skiers, mountaineers and hikers.

What characterises a Schöffel product?

 The demands on outdoor clothing are high and varied. At Schöffel, special emphasis is placed on innovation, functionality and perfect workmanship. When it comes to tailoring, Schöffel scores with the highest level of tailoring expertise through experience and further development. A wide variety of cuts guarantee an optimum fit. When it comes to design, Schöffel follows the motto "design follows function" and adapts the design to suit the area of use and the needs of the target group. However, Schöffel is always careful to ensure matching colour combinations.

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