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Down jackets

Discover our down jackets, the perfect combination of warmth and lightness for winter. Thanks to their lightweight filling, they offer effective insulation and unrestricted freedom of movement, ideal for cold weather conditions. Read more

Down jackets - Light, warm and perfect for winter

Discover the unrivalled warmth and lightness of down jackets, which stand for first-class comfort in winter conditions. The use of down as a filling material brings with it numerous advantages that make these jackets an indispensable companion in the cold season.

The advantages of down:


Down jackets are known for their exceptional lightness. The down filling provides effective insulation while minimising weight, which guarantees a comfortable feel and unrestricted freedom of movement.


The natural properties of down ensure excellent thermal insulation. The air pockets between the down create an efficient barrier against the cold, which means that the jackets provide cosy warmth even in extreme temperatures.

Bulking power:

The fill power of down is decisive for its insulating properties. High-quality down has a high fill power, which means that it can fluff up quickly and trap more air. This results in improved insulation.

What conditions are down jackets suitable for:

Down jackets are particularly suitable for cold winter conditions. They are ideal for dry cold, snow and clear winter days. These jackets offer the best protection at low temperatures and are perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, winter hiking or simply for everyday use in the cold season.

What to look out for when buying down jackets:

Fill power:

Pay attention to the fill power of the down, which influences the quality and thermal performance of the jacket. Higher fill power generally means better insulation.


Down jackets are known for their lightness. When buying, make sure that the jacket is not only warm, but also light enough for the intended use.

Weather resistance:

Some down jackets have a water-repellent coating to withstand light rain or snow. Consider whether this feature is important for your needs.

Experience the luxury of warmth and lightness with our selection of down jackets that will see you through the winter while keeping you stylish and comfortable.

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