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Hardshell jackets

Tauche ein in die Welt der Hardshelljacken, wo Schutz auf höchste Funktionalität trifft. Mit ihrer beeindruckenden Wasserdichtigkeit und optimalen Atmungsaktivität sind sie deine zuverlässigen Begleiter bei jedem Wetter. Dank innovativer Membrantechnologie und robustem Oberstoff bieten sie vielseitigen Schutz für alle deine Outdoor-Abenteuer. Read more

Hard shell jackets - your reliable protection in wind and weather

Immerse yourself in the world of hardshell jackets, where first-class protection meets maximum functionality. These robust rain jackets are specially developed to provide you with optimum protection in changing weather conditions.

Weatherproof and breathable:

Hardshell jackets are true all-rounders. Not only do they offer a high level of waterproofness with an impressive water column, they are also breathable to ensure a pleasant body climate. Whether it's heavy rain, icy wind or unpredictable capricious weather - with a hardshell jacket you are optimally equipped.

Innovative membrane technology:

The membrane technology used in hardshell jackets ensures that water stays outside, while water vapour can escape from the inside to the outside. This intelligent system not only ensures waterproofness, but also optimum breathability to prevent sweating.

Robust outer fabric:

The outer fabric of the hardshell jackets is particularly robust and hardwearing. This enables versatile use - whether for hiking, trekking, cycling or other outdoor activities. Weatherproof protection is always guaranteed.

Waterproof properties and water column:

The waterproofness of a hard shell jacket is measured by the water column. Our range of hard shell jackets offers an impressive water column to withstand even extreme weather conditions. So you can fully rely on protection from the rain.

Versatile application options:

Whether in the city or in the great outdoors - hardshell jackets are the ideal companion for anyone who wants to be active in wind and weather. Their sporty design and high functionality make them a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Discover our selection of hardshell jackets now and experience protection and functionality in one. Don't give the weather a chance and enjoy your outdoor adventures with style and reliability.

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