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Rain jackets

Prepare yourself for any weather and explore our selection of rain jackets. Thanks to innovative membrane technologies and lightweight materials, you'll find the ideal rain jacket that keeps you dry and allows maximum freedom of movement. Read more

Rain jackets - waterproof protection for outdoor activities

Explore the variety of our rain jackets, which not only serve as protection against adverse weather conditions, but are also lightweight, breathable and perfect for your outdoor adventures. Each rain jacket in our range utilises specific materials that offer different advantages and disadvantages to meet all requirements.

Hardshell - robust weather protection:

Hardshell rain jackets are made from robust, waterproof materials that are particularly resistant to adverse weather conditions. They offer a high water column and are therefore perfect for intense rain showers. The solid weather protection is ideal for demanding outdoor activities such as trekking and mountaineering. However, hardshell jackets can be less breathable due to their density.

Softshell - flexible and breathable:

For a lighter and more flexible option, our softshell rain jackets offer a good balance between waterproofness and breathability. The material is softer and more elasticated, allowing more freedom of movement. Softshell jackets are ideal for activities where high breathability is required, such as trail running or cycling. However, they may not be as waterproof as hardshell jackets and are therefore more suitable for light to moderate rainfall.

Membrane technology - intelligent weather protection:

Some of our rain jackets utilise advanced membrane technology that offers an optimal combination of waterproofness and breathability. These membranes regulate moisture exchange by allowing water vapour to escape to the outside, while at the same time repelling water from the outside. These intelligent materials are perfect for activities where both protection and breathability are important.

Lightweight materials - focus on freedom of movement:

Our lightweight rain jackets utilise modern materials that are particularly light and packable. These jackets are ideal for activities where every gram counts, such as hiking or trail running. They offer basic waterproofness for light rainfall while allowing maximum freedom of movement. However, they are less suitable for heavier rainfall.

When choosing your rain jacket, consider the specific requirements of your outdoor activity and find the ideal material that offers you the best possible protection and comfort.

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