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Inflatable awnings

Inflatable awnings for camper vans from Outwell: Expand your living space in no time at all!

Discover the advantages of an inflatable bus awning from Outwell to extend your campervan or motorhome with an additional tent. With the innovative Air technology, you can inflate your awning quickly and effortlessly and even add optional separate sleeping areas inside. These outstanding air awnings from Outwell are easily attached to your vehicle and can even be used freestanding. Inflatable awnings create an uncomplicated solution to extend your living space in no time at all. Whether you need more space to relax, eat or store your gear, inflatable awnings offer the flexibility and comfort you desire. Best of all, you can leave your inflatable awning at the campsite while you go on day trips with your campervan or caravan. This means you can explore the surrounding area without having to take the awning down every time. Thanks to the simple attachment to your camper van, you can set up the awning easily and have more time to explore the great outdoors. The high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship of Outwell air awnings ensure long-lasting performance and reliability, even in changing weather conditions. Extend your campervan with an Outwell inflatable awning and enjoy the freedom and comfort you desire. Experience the ultimate outdoor experience with a high-quality inflatable awning designed specifically for your needs. Rely on Outwell to make your camping adventures even more unforgettable.
If you're still unsure about buying and choosing a model, you can find out more in our awning guide, which provides helpful information and tips to help you make the right decision.
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