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Outwell has been inspiring campers for decades and is one of the most successful tent and camping brands in Europe. Outwell tents offer adventurous families the ultimate outdoor lifestyle and impress with comfort, design and innovation. Whether it's a family tent or an awning for your vehicle, Outwell offers a wide range of award-winning tents to suit every need. The complete camping equipment, from camping chair to sleeping bag to tableware, is colour-coordinated with the tent of your choice. For the Danish manufacturer, the tent is a holiday home in the great outdoors, making the brand a guarantee for family camping with maximum sleeping comfort.

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As a dealer, we feel at home with Outwell because we have a deep partnership based on trust, co-operation and shared values. This connection enables us to offer our customers not only high-quality products, but also an authentic camping experience. What makes Outwell so special? Well, apart from their first-class quality, there is a great sense of adventure behind every product. This combination of robustness and outdoor spirit makes every tent, camping equipment and accessory a real treasure for every camper.

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Made for Families

For over 20 years, Outwell's design and technology have been synonymous with innovation in family camping. Outwell tents are like an outdoor home that you can take with you wherever you go. They offer comfort, safety and style, whether you're on a campsite or in the middle of nature. Designed to feel like a natural extension of your home, the tents offer you the ultimate outdoor retreat. With innovative features and high-quality materials, Outwell tents are an eye-catcher that stands out from the crowd and leaves you wanting more. Welcome to the world of the Outwell Family Camping Experience, where you'll find everything you need for an unforgettable family holiday. Outwell offers different tent collections that cover the needs of all camping enthusiasts. See the variety and quality for yourself - we'll be happy to give you a brief overview.

Your comfortable outdoor headquarters

Outwell has always focused on the comfort families seek on camping holidays, with new quality products and versatile designs that are better than ever before. Every aspect of camping life has been considered and stylishly realised to ensure the whole family can play and relax outdoors, knowing they can rely on Outwell. Inspired by Scandinavian hygge, the Outwell collection has that characteristic design flair. Outwell's tent and camping equipment collections are designed to take home comforts to a new level for family campers. From large sleeping cabins, the Master Bedrooms, to sleeping systems and pioneering sleeping bag design, to a variety of our exciting furniture collections - fabrics, materials and components are selected to harmonise with concept, colour and design to meet, exceed and extend campers' expectations. Standing out from the crowd remains Outwell's goal by continually developing the best tents and camping products in the world.

Perfect Equipment for the ultimative Vanlife

Vanlife is the trend, and Outwell has the perfect solution for campers who want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of vanlife. With a wide range of awnings, Outwell offers a variety of options for different vehicle types and sizes. Whether it's a panel van, motorhome or minibus, you'll find the right awning at Outwell. The awnings are lightweight, easy to pitch and offer extra space and comfort for your camping trip. With innovative features such as the patented ONS system for atmospheric lighting and the Drive Away Ready system for convenient connection to the vehicle, Outwell offers everything you need for an unforgettable vanlife experience.

A brand for the future

Outwell is a brand that is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society. The company is actively committed to a more sustainable world and is committed to protecting nature. Care is taken to ensure that the products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. Outwell attaches great importance to ensuring that the people who buy their products not only enjoy them, but also use them responsibly. This is why they have joined forces with other leading camping manufacturers to form the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). This association offers an efficient way to provide financial support and share knowledge to preserve our ecosystems for present and future generations. EOCA impressively demonstrates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Caring Choice

Caring Choice offers products designed to reduce the impact on the environment through the use of recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques. In 2024, Caring Choice products are expected to collectively recycle 1.7 million plastic bottles, making an important contribution. Outwell recognises that action needs to be taken now to protect our world for future generations. As well as using recycled fabrics, work has also been done on the manufacturing processes. Spun-dyed fabrics solve the problems of traditional wet dyeing, such as chemical waste, energy and water consumption. The colour is also more resistant to fading and lasts longer. The use of acid-free anodising of aluminium rods eliminates the need for nitric and phosphoric acid, thus improving working conditions and reducing the environmental impact of harmful waste.

The key to an silent night 

Outwell's innovative Quick & Quiet doors are a real hit with campers and have been recognised with various awards since their launch. The system has been praised by outdoor media for its simplicity, practicality and value. The quiet magnetic closure allows silent access to the sleeping cabin without disturbing other campers during the night. The Quick & Quiet system can now also be found in many three-zone tents and canopy tents to ensure easy access and maximum ventilation while keeping insects out.

Soft light for a cosy family adventure 

The patented Outwell Nightlight System brings the cosy atmosphere of a string of lights to your family camp. It allows you to move in and out of your tent or awning at night without having to search for a torch or risk waking other people with the glare. It also provides a soft, welcoming light in the awning when you return and illuminates the door zip for easy access. The secret to this Outwell exclusivity lies in the use of the unique HookTrack system, modified around an embedded fibreglass element. Campers control the light via the coded radio remote control!

Perfect positioning made easy 

With the RAZ Aligment System, positioning the airlock of your campervan in relation to your bus tent is child's play. The Crossville, Jonesville and Wolfburg models are equipped with the RAZ, which means you hardly have to move the vehicle or tent during pitching and after a day on the road. Simply position the coloured markings on the tent, airlock and the floor tarpaulin of the airlock on top of each other to align your vehicle perfectly and easily on the first attempt. The RAZ levelling system is another example of how Outwell makes your camping experience even better.

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