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Ice axe for a secure grip at icy heights

Discover our high-quality ice axes, indispensable companions for demanding mountaineers and adventurers on alpine tours. Whether you are crossing impressive glaciers, conquering steep ice climbing routes or exploring high alpine regions - our ice axes offer you the secure hold and reliability you need in extreme terrain conditions.

Lightweight and robust: the perfect companion for mountaineers

Ice axes combine lightness and robustness to meet the requirements of demanding mountaineers. The high-quality material and careful workmanship ensure maximum stability with minimum weight so that you retain full control in every situation.

Versatile application options: From glaciers to ice climbing

Whether glacier tours, alpine tours or ice climbing - ice axes are versatile and can be adapted to different requirements. The specially designed shaft offers optimum grip and control, while the robust tip ensures a secure hold in icy conditions.

Safety first: The right length for every situation

The right length of ice axe is crucial for safety in the mountains. Our selection of ice axes offers different lengths so that you can choose the optimal ice axe for your needs. From compact models for simple glacier tours to longer variants for demanding alpine tours and ice climbing - we have the right ice axe for every area of use.

Sophisticated design: hand strap for additional safety

Many of our ice axes are equipped with a sturdy hand strap for additional safety and control. The hand strap allows you to attach the ice axe securely to your wrist to prevent accidental loss in critical situations. Why a lightweight ice axe? Lightweight ice axes are particularly advantageous for mountaineers who prioritise weight saving and mobility. A lightweight ice axe allows you to move faster and more efficiently in challenging terrain without sacrificing the necessary safety.

Immerse yourself in the world of mountaineering and alpine tours with our high-quality ice axes. Rely on reliable equipment and enjoy every challenge in alpine regions - with an ice axe that accompanies you safely on your way.
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