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Trekking Pants

Ready for your next trekking tour? Dive into our diverse selection of trekking trousers that have been specially developed for demanding outdoor adventures. From robust materials to practical details, our trekking trousers offer optimum protection and comfort for long days on the trail. Read more

Trekking pants - the functional companion for your trekking tour

Are you planning a multi-day hike and still looking for the right pants? You'll find a large selection of trekking pants here. Here we explain what you should look out for when buying trekking pants and which trekking pants are best suited to you and your tour!

Buy trekking pants for women, men and children online

Trekking pants for women, men or children? First and foremost, trekking pants should fit well - which is why there are differences between trekking pants for women and men. These are adapted to the anatomy of the different genders. And children are often on trekking tours too - and naturally need the right pants. That's why trekking pantsare also available for children.

Unsure which trekking pants suit you best? Then use our order and service hotline - free of charge and without obligation. Our staff will be happy to advise you - and help you find the perfect trekking pants. You can reach us on: +49 (0) 661 / 480 199 0 or

Trekking pants - features & benefits

Why do you actually need extra trekking pants - and can't you just go on tour in sports pants? Although you can theoretically go out with your sports pants, trekking pants offer a few very useful advantages on a trekking tour.

Protection from moisture and wind: Hiking in damp, clammy clothes? Very unpleasant. Trekking pants are designed to be wind and water repellent, breathable and dry quickly. So you stay dry and warm for the most part, even if there is a small shower.

Many trekking pants are also quite elasticated - and offer you plenty of freedom of movement. It is important that the trekking pants fit well, that nothing rubs and that you can walk comfortably for a long time.

Every now and then you have to trek through rough terrain: trekking pants are usually extremely robust. Small branches, thorns or stones can't harm them.

Buying trekking pants: What to look out for?

Practical, functional and comfortable - that's what trekking pants should be. That's why trekking pants are usually equipped with a range of functions and details.

Many trekking pants have several patch pockets in which you can store small items that you want to have to hand quickly.

The most important thing about trekking pants is that they fit comfortably and that you can walk comfortably in them for a long time. Many trekking pants therefore have an integrated belt and waistband adjustment. The knee area is often pre-shaped and equipped with stretch inserts so that you can take long strides without straining.

Turning long trekking pants into short trekking pants Zip-off pants can be converted from long to short trekking pants in no time at all.

Cleaning and caring for trekking pants: how to wash your trekking pants

The trekking tour is over and the dirty outdoor clothing now needs to be washed? To avoid damaging the material of the trekking trousers, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Wash the trekking pants in the washing machine at a maximum of 30°C. It is best to use a special detergent for functional clothing
  2. Do not use fabric softener when washing your trekking pants
  3. It is best to simply hang the pants on the washing line to dry.
  4. After a few washes, you can treat your trekking pants with a waterproofing agent so that they do not lose their function.
  5. If you have a tumble dryer, you can also put your trekking pants in the dryer for a short time (at a low temperature). This supports the waterproofing.
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