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Hiking Pants

Von Robustheit und Schutz vor Stechmücken bis hin zu wasserabweisenden Eigenschaften bieten unsere Wanderhosen die perfekte Kombination aus Komfort und Funktionalität für jede Jahreszeit und jedes Terrain. Read more

Hiking trousers - the right companion for your hike

Looking for the right trousers for your next hike? Hiking trousers come in all kinds of designs, shapes and functions. We explain how to find the perfect hiking trousers - that will keep you happy for a long time.

Hiking trousers - the advantages

Do I need hiking trousers? Or can't I just hike with sports trousers/jogging trousers? In principle, you can simply wear your sports trousers for shorter hikes - but we recommend extra hiking trousers for longer hikes. Why? Hiking trousers offer many advantages that sports trousers do not:

  • Robustness: Hiking trousers are significantly more robust than normal sports trousers. Sports trousers break more quickly and offer less protection from branches, thorns etc. than hiking trousers.
  • Protection against mosquitoes: Mosquitoes can usually bite through thin sports trousers without any problems - this is more difficult with hiking trousers: mosquitoes usually cannot bite through the firmer fabric of hiking trousers. This means that you are better protected with proper hiking trousers - especially in mosquito-infested regions.
  • Functionality: Hiking trousers often have details such as detachable trouser legs or patch pockets. Sports trousers do not usually offer these functions.
  • Water-repellent: Is it starting to rain? Hiking trousers are usually water-repellent - and therefore keep you dry to a certain extent even in rain showers. Sports trousers, on the other hand, are generally not.

Fit - hiking trousers must fit well

The most important thing when buying hiking trousers is that they fit well and are comfortable. Nothing is more uncomfortable than hiking all day in trousers that rub, cut in or pinch. Hiking trousers should never be too tight, you should be able to move freely and nothing should rub or chafe when walking.

Tight-fitting or wide-cut hiking trousers? Opinions differ here. Some swear by tight-fitting hiking trousers to avoid flapping fabric. Others prefer wide trousers that offer plenty of freedom of movement. Whether you choose tight or wide-cut hiking trousers depends primarily on your own preferences.

Tip: When trying on hiking trousers, bend your knees once. The trousers should not be tight.

Hiking trouser functions: which details are useful?

Many hiking trousers offer additional functions to make your hike easier. The following functions are particularly useful

  • Zip-off / detachable trouser legs: >You can detach the legs of many hiking trousers using a zip. This allows you to convert your long hiking trousers into shorts in no time at all - in case it gets warm.
  • Integrated pockets: Most hiking trousers have small pockets that are ideal for storing small items.
  • Ventilation slits: These can be very comfortable in high temperatures.

Which hiking trousers for which season?

Hiking in summer or winter? The choice of suitable hiking trousers naturally also depends on the weather and temperature.

Hiking insummer: If you are hiking in warm temperatures, then thin hiking trousers made from a cotton-polyester blend are probably best.

Hiking in winter: If it's cold and wet, softshell hiking trousers are a good choice. These are windproof and heat-insulating, and some are also moderately water-repellent. If it is particularly wet, you can also consider waterproof hardshell hiking trousers.

Hiking trousers - for men, women and children

We have a large selection of hiking trousers for men, women and children. Unsure which hiking trousers really suit you? Then let our experts advise you simply and free of charge! Simply call us at: +49 (0) 661 / 480 199 0 - or simply write to us at

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