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Tatonka is a renowned brand in the outdoor sector, known for its high-quality equipment. Its diverse collection of backpacks is particularly impressive and impresses with its quality, comfort and well thought-out design. Whether for hiking tours or trekking expeditions, Tatonka offers backpacks that can withstand the rigours of the outdoors and maximise carrying comfort. With clever organisation options and weather resistance, they are ideal companions for adventurers. Tatonka's backpacks embody the fascination for outdoor experiences and present themselves as reliable partners for every discovery tour.

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Tatonka not only stands for high-quality outdoor products, but also for exemplary sustainability. Their products are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner, in compliance with high social standards and transparent supply chains. Tatonka's commitment to a sustainable future makes the sale of its products a conscious and positive decision.

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The essence of Tatonka Outdoor 

Experience, quality and rucksacks In the fascinating world of outdoor equipment, there is one brand that has built up a brilliant reputation over the years: Tatonka. From high-quality equipment to innovative trekking rucksacks, Tatonka epitomises the adventure, closeness to nature and insatiable curiosity that drives outdoor enthusiasts.

Trekkingbackpacks of Tatonka

Customised adventure companions At the heart of the Tatonka collection are the impressive trekking backpacks. These masterpieces of backpack art are the result of a passionate dedication to perfection and a tireless search for innovation. Every Tatonka backpack is a customised companion for explorers who want to conquer the world on foot.

Tatonka – the bavarian family business 

Tatonka, the Bavarian family business, bears the name of the bison in the Sioux language. This majestic animal symbolises nature, freedom, wilderness and strength - qualities that Tatonka embodies as an outdoor brand and family-run company. Based in Dasing, Bavaria, Tatonka is characterised by a lean organisational structure and flat hierarchies. Andreas Schechinger is the second generation to manage the company, which produces in its own SA8000-certified factories in Vietnam. European manufacturing standards and high social standards are maintained. Sustainability and social responsibility are central elements of Tatonka's corporate philosophy.

Insights into production: The Tatonka Open Factory 

The Tatonka brand is boldly breaking new ground by opening the doors to its own production facilities. In its own SA8000-certified factories in Vietnam, Tatonka products are manufactured according to European production standards and under socially responsible conditions. Tatonka is proud to be the only supplier in the outdoor industry to offer the opportunity to gain an insight into production at Mountech Co. Ltd. through the Open Factory programme. Here the public can experience at first hand how Tatonka creates its equipment. Further information is available at:

Sustainability in action: GREEN by Tatonka 

Tatonka is aware of its responsibility for the environment and sets a clear signal with GREEN by Tatonka. This label recognises products that not only meet the highest quality standards, but are also made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The brand works closely with its material suppliers to achieve constant progress towards resource conservation and environmental friendliness. Since its launch in 2020, recycled and biodegradable materials have been increasingly used. The GREEN by Tatonka label is proof of the Tatonka brand's continuous commitment to durable and environmentally friendly equipment.
Further information available here:

Seamless transparency: Traceability by Tatonka 

Since May 2022, Tatonka has been creating a completely new form of transparency with Traceability by Tatonka. Customers now have the opportunity to track every step of the production and transport of their products. Using the online tool (, the serial number of the purchased product and the place of purchase can be used to view the origin of the materials, the entire production and transport route and the mode of transport. This ground-breaking initiative covers Tatonka products from 2016 onwards, and the traceability website presents an interactive world map that visualises supplier information on the materials used and their sustainability certificates. Even the beginning of the business relationship is disclosed. The map tracks the transport of the materials to the Tatonka factory in Vietnam and accompanies the products on their journey to delivery to the end customer.

TATONKA and DIRK ROHRBACH together in the YUKON Territory 

Beginning of the partnership - helping under the sign of the bison. The joint history of TATONKA and Dirk Rohrbach begins with the TATANKA Oyate aid project, which was founded in 2003. The name TATANKA Oyate means ‘buffalo nation’ in the language of the Lakota Sioux Indians. Nowadays, the Sioux are fighting to preserve their identity. The key to this is their language, which was banned for decades and is now spoken by only a few. Together with TATONKA, Tatanka Oyate supports the Lakota Sioux in their fight to preserve their language. Thanks to this commitment, it has been possible to develop textbooks for the Lakota language and finance workshops in recent years.

Backpack guide  

Have you already read one or two backpack guides in your search for the right backpack? Most other backpack guides overwhelm you at the beginning with lots of technical details and throw foreign words around. But honestly... who out there really cares? Probably only a small number of readers of such guides. But don't worry, if you're just such a gear head and/or technology freak, you'll get your money's worth in our guide. We promise! Our guide will help you find exactly the right backpack for you and your adventure. Because there are large and small, simply chic, very rustic, functional, versatile or very special, robust, sensitive, lightweight and chunky backpacks, both for backpacks and for people. But now both should fit together as well as possible. In this guide, we have summarised everything you need to know and what else you should consider in order to be happy with your (future) backpack. We'll show you which backpack is ideal for which area of use.  

Backpack guide - Adjusting trekking backpacks and hiking backpacks
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