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Whether you want to conquer the city or are looking for adventure in the great outdoors, we offer a wide selection of robust trekking sandals and trendy styles. Discover the perfect sandals for every occasion now and experience summer to the full! Read more

Sandals for women, men & children

Looking for airy shoes for the summer? At you'll find a large selection of sandals for women, men and children . Do you need advice? Our team of experts will be happy to help! Call 0661 / 480 199 0 or simply send an email to

Women's and men's sandals for every occasion

Sandals for women at Stylish sandals for the city or robust outdoor sandals? At you'll find sandals for every occasion. We also offer a large selection of sandals for men. Are you looking for toe sandals for the beach or just for everyday wear? You can also find toe kicks at!

Buy children's sandals at

High-quality sandals for children - for children it is particularly important that the sandals are of good quality. After all, children usually put more strain on their shoes than adults. It is just as important that the shoes fit children perfectly so that they are comfortable and children can walk well in them. At you will find many different children's sandals from brands such as Trollkids, Keen and Teva .

Buy outdoor & trekking sandals

Airy, light & comfortable: In summer, trekking sandals are pleasantly light to wear - and perfect for everyday wear and leisure. But there are also differences between trekking sandals: trekking sandals with padded soles are particularly comfortable to wear. Sandals with adjustable, padded straps can be perfectly adapted to the foot.

Sandals with a protective toe cap? Sandals that enclose the toes are particularly safe. This prevents injuries. Otherwise, we recommend that you never buy sandals that are too small. Otherwise - especially when walking downhill - it can quickly happen that your foot slips forwards and you injure yourself. It is therefore important that the soles of the sandals are long enough.

Hiking with sandals? Although trekking sandals are great for walks in summer, you should opt for hiking boots for longer, more demanding hikes. However, you can wear your trekking sandals for shorter, easier hikes on paved paths.

Buying sandals - what to look out for?

Are you looking for the perfect sandals for the summer? Then you should pay attention to the following points:

What do you need the sandals for? Are you looking for chic, fashionable sandals? Or ratherrobust trekking sandals for outdoor activities? Of course, the shoe needs to fulfil different requirements depending on the situation.

Buy fashionable sandals: Whether you're going for a stroll around town or visiting friends - at you'll find stylish sandals for everyday wear. Don't want to compromise on comfort when it comes to fashionable sandals? It is important that the sole of the sandals is well cushioned - this applies in particular to the heel area. In addition, the shoe should of course not pinch or cut in.

Trekking sandals for outdoor activities: With trekking sandals, the focus is primarily on comfort. Above all, they need to be comfortable and offer good support. Most trekking sandals have adjustable straps, so you can adjust them perfectly to the shape of your foot. Sandals with toe protection are particularly suitable for trekking sandals, as they provide better protection for the toes. Padded soles on trekking shoes ensure a comfortable tread.

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