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Bus awnings

Kampa bus awnings and awnings for vans - flexibility and protection when travelling

Kampa offers an impressive range of bus awnings that have been specially designed for buses. The awnings are characterised by their flexibility and protection to make your camping adventure even more enjoyable. Ideal for campers who are always on the move: Kampa bus awnings are free-standing. This means that the awning can stand without being connected to the vehicle, giving you more freedom and flexibility to go on numerous trips while camping.
In addition, most Kampa bus awnings have an airlock that allows you to connect the awning to the vehicle without being exposed to the weather. This airlock serves as a connecting tunnel between the awning and the van and provides a protected entrance area. This means you are protected from the wind and weather and can get in and out of your vehicle comfortably without getting wet or being disturbed by annoying insects.
The Kampa bus awnings and awnings for vans are also characterised by their high-quality workmanship and robust materials. They offer reliable protection from the elements and ensure long-lasting durability so that you can enjoy your camping adventures to the full. With Kampa bus awnings, you are perfectly equipped to extend your mobile home on the road.
Experience flexibility, protection and comfort on your camping trips and enjoy the freedom that these specially developed awnings offer you. Kampa ensures that you can enjoy every moment of your camping adventure to the full.
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