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At Westfield, modern design, the latest materials and the best technology come together to create state-of-the-art camping equipment. Since its inception, Westfield has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in the outdoor equipment industry. Westfield is known for its first-class awnings, which are an essential part of any caravan or motorhome adventure. The awnings are characterised by high-quality materials and innovative technologies and are developed with great care and attention to detail.

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Westfield radiates the joy of camping. From the Premium to the Travel Smart series, thanks to Westfield we can offer our customers a wide range of awnings suitable for unique camping experiences. The awnings combine outstanding quality, innovative technology and a strong price-performance ratio.

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Welcome in the camping world of Westfield 

Founded in 2004, Westfield is a leading manufacturer of camping equipment and other outdoor lifestyle products. As one of the most reputable and highly respected companies in the outdoor industry, Westfield Outdoor GmbH is recognised by camping enthusiasts across Europe for its camping products, including a range of premium awnings, camping equipment and camping gear. Since its foundation, Westfield has consistently pursued the principles of innovation, durability and comfort with passionate commitment. Their goal is to make you feel as comfortable on the road as you do at home, without compromising on comfort. Westfield's outstanding quality and passion for design, particularly in the area of classic caravan camping products, have contributed to Westfield's excellent reputation. Modern design is at the heart of every Westfield awning. With an eye for detail and aesthetics, they combine form and function to create equipment that is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. By using the latest materials combined with ground-breaking technology, Westfield achieves a quality that guarantees durability and performance. And that your Westfield awning is up to the challenges of the great outdoors.

A quest for quality, innovation and closeness to nature

Westfield's philosophy is to provide a first-class camping experience for all nature lovers who spend their leisure time outdoors. This guiding principle is realised through continuous efforts for innovation and comfort. The research and development of new materials and technologies are the focus in order to realise this principle. Product development is driven forward with a particular focus on practical benefits, quality and safety. A growing awareness of environmental compatibility characterises the development and production processes. The beauty and importance of nature during camping and holidays motivates Westfield to support environmental protection in a sustainable way. These principles have helped Westfield to become a leading supplier in the camping and caravanning sector. Even after a purchase, outstanding customer service is available to ensure that customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Westfield: Where camping brings joy! 

The motto ‘Makes campers happy’ embodies the passion to share the joy and incomparable feeling of camping with others. Westfield is not just about high-quality equipment, but about creating unforgettable moments in nature. With their products, they strive to fulfil the needs and desires of campers, to inspire them and give them the opportunity to find happiness in the great outdoors. Because camping is more than just an activity - it's a way of life that they proudly support to make campers around the world happy.

The Premium series - A class of its own 

Westfield's Premium series awnings set new standards in terms of quality, innovation and user-friendliness. Thanks to the successful combination of first-class materials and sophisticated features, these awnings offer a remarkable camping experience. The unique AAS system (Advanced Air System®) sets the Premium series apart. The air awnings are inflated using a central valve, which not only ensures effortless assembly and disassembly, but also guarantees exceptional stability. The patented AAS system enables the individual air chambers to be connected to form a stable frame that is inflated at a single point. The latest AAS air technology, reinforced by the three-layer air tubes, ensures effortless handling and impresses with its high stability.
HydroTech® CottonTouch is the highest quality material in the range and defines the premium series of Westfield awnings. This specially developed material is not only extremely durable, but is also characterised by excellent UV resistance. The spinneret colouring in combination with a polyurethane coating on the inside and outside not only ensures a pleasant feel, but also maintains outstanding ease of care and resistance to condensation. HydroTech® CottonTouch offers numerous advantages, including a low fabric weight of 200 g/m², effective UV protection, a high water column, weather resistance and excellent colour fastness under various light and weather conditions. Thanks to the CottonTouch surface, the material handles condensation optimally and retains its shape even in changing weather and temperature conditions. The premium range of Westfield TQC awnings stands for quality, innovation and superior materials - a perfect combination to take your camping experience to the next level

The Travel Smart series - light, fast and practical 

The Travel Smart series of Westfield air awnings offers a convincing combination of extremely lightweight materials and quick assembly. These awnings are designed to perfectly meet the needs of travellers and adventure seekers. The three-layer air tubes in this series can be inflated quickly and easily using the supplied double lift pump with pressure relief valve. The combination of low weight and classic construction makes the awnings in the Travel Smart series particularly suitable for short breaks, weekend trips and holidays where mobility and easy pitching are required. The HydraDore® SL fabric used in this series is a 100% polyester fabric with a UV-resistant PU coating on the outside. Thanks to this special coating, the material is extremely weather-resistant and durable. The use of a reinforced warp and weft makes the fabric more stable than conventional polyester fabrics. HydraDore® SL is characterised by its high UV resistance and above-average stability. The advantages of HydraDore® SL are manifold: the fabric has a low fabric weight of 165 g/m² with high stability, particularly good tear resistance, high colour fastness under changing light and weather conditions, very high UV resistance and water and dirt repellency. It is also extremely easy to care for. The Travel Smart series from Westfield offers an ideal solution for travellers who are looking for light, fast and practical equipment to make their adventures uncomplicated.

The Premium-Light-Series - Lightness meets Quality 

The air awnings in the Premium Light series from Westfield TQC offer a remarkable combination of high-quality, lightweight materials and a multitude of user-friendly details. We use the innovative Hydrotech® Ripstop material, which is known for its robustness and lightness. The AAS system (Advanced Air System®) with ‘three-layer’ air hoses enables a smooth and quick set-up. The combination of high-quality components and careful workmanship guarantees long-lasting durability of the awnings. HydroTech® Ripstop is a specially woven and extremely tear-resistant material that has been specially developed for use in touring awnings. The distinctive ‘rake box structure’ of the fabric, in combination with a polyurethane coating, gives the material a pleasant soft-touch surface. The HydroTech® Ripstop is made from spun-dyed yarn and impresses with its high UV resistance. Thanks to this technology, the material retains its colour and shape over long periods of time, resulting in a considerably longer service life. HydroTech® Ripstop is characterised by its low basis weight of 165 g/m² combined with high stability. The excellent tear resistance, colour fastness under changing light and weather conditions and excellent UV resistance are further advantages of this material. It is also water and dirt repellent and extremely easy to clean. The Premium Light series from Westfield offers a unique combination of lightness, quality and sophisticated design. These awnings are the ideal choice for travelling enthusiasts who value durability, functionality and low weight.

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