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Telta is a brand born out of a passion for camping and outdoor activities. With 50 years of experience in the family business, Max Lawless and Anders Outzen have created a joint production specialising in air awnings for caravans and motorhomes. Telta's focus is on simplicity and functionality without compromising on quality. Telta has concentrated on the details that are often overlooked in order to develop unique and innovative products that make camping holidays even more enjoyable. With Telta you can look forward to an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors.

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We are proud to be the first dealer for Telta in Germany. Because Telta is more than just a brand that manufactures awnings - it is part of the camping community with deep roots in this sector. With Telta, we can offer our awning customers innovative products that make worrying about the right pitching height a thing of the past!

What we love about Telta

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True Camping Know-how 

Although the Telta brand is young on the German market, it can look back on a long history in the camping and especially the air awning market. The ‘makers’ behind Telta are Max Lawless and Anders Outsen. Both come from families that have been active in the camping business for generations. Max in particular has a great deal of experience with air awnings and has been involved from the very beginning. Together with his father Marc Lawless, he launched the first awnings for caravans and motorhomes with inflatable air poles on the market under the Kampa brand. Until the takeover in December 2019, Kampa was the leading supplier of air awnings in Europe and Dometic has continued this success story ever since.

Teltex-Material makes awnings the ultimate lightweight 

The materials used for air awnings now cover a broad catalogue of requirements. However, customers are always faced with a balancing act: desirable high UV resistance and breathability go hand in hand with high weight and a high price. Teltex solves this problem. It combines high UV resistance with breathability and low weight. The tents can therefore stand for longer, annoying condensation is avoided thanks to breathability and assembly and dismantling is as easy as with a pure polyester awning.

Optimised design - new sense of space

Telta has utilised the advantages of the evolutionary roof tent shape right from the start! By changing the shape of the roof, air awnings increasingly resemble the shape of pole awnings. This means higher front and side walls and higher entrance doors, creating a much greater sense of space. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are limited by their product families to fully utilise these advantages. Telta is different! The maximum height side walls make it easy for taller people to enter the awnings and allow the extension of a very high annex - for many with enough height to even stand. The fronts of the awnings utilise the maximum space and offer large window areas for plenty of light and views. Of course, curtains are also included to protect the interior from prying eyes if required.

Vorzelt rethought 

In developing the latest awnings, Telta has taken inspiration from its customers to ensure that all their needs and desires are met. With a wealth of camping experience under their belts, the founders have taken tried and tested concepts and garnished them with innovative ideas and careful attention to detail, creating a new generation of awnings that offer the ultimate camping experience.

Attachment height - an air awning for everyone 

One challenge with air awnings is finding the right mounting height. Caravans are getting higher and higher and the mounting heights of motorhomes vary across a broad spectrum. More and more motorhomes with lifting supports are adapting their height to the situation on the pitch. The usual 15 cm pitches quickly reach their limits. The Telta air awnings adapt: an intelligent zip system at the transition from the sides to the roof allows the awnings to be adjusted within a height range of 235-280 cm. This means that virtually all caravans and many motorhomes are optimally covered and even steep inclines or slopes on the pitch can be compensated for.

Air hose system: robust, lightweight and easy to inflate

The centrepiece of an air awning is the tube system. This gives the tent its shape and ensures stability in all weather conditions. Here too, Telta has discovered room for optimisation! The sleeves of the tubes are made of high-strength nylon and are virtually ‘indestructible’. This means they can simply be attached to the tent with Velcro - there is no need for a third cover. This saves additional weight. Of course, the tent can be inflated via a central valve. All tubes are connected with robust valves. These are simple and self-explanatory to operate in an emergency.

Telta SOUL - plenty of space and room in front of the vehicle

The Telta SOUL is available in two different widths. At 3.90m and 4.90m wide, it can be used on larger caravans and motorhomes. Added to this is the gigantic depth of 3.25 metres at the top. The dynamic front is slightly curved and gives the air awning a special look. The front elements are of course fitted with a window which utilises the maximum space. The small canopy - which also inflates - protects the front in the event of rain and enables ventilation even in bad weather. The weight is only 35kg (SOUL 390) or 39.1kg (SOUL 490). If you don't have enough space, the Telta extension can of course also be used on both sides of the SOUL.

Telta PURE - Compact air awnings for caravans and motorhomes

With a depth of 2.50 metres, the Telta PURE is compact but still offers plenty of space in front of the recreational vehicle. This means that it fits well on the pitch, even on smaller pitches. To cover a wide range of vehicles, the air awning is available in different widths: 2.60 m, 3.30 m and 3.90 m make the PURE a versatile solution for many applications. Here too, the windows at the front utilise the maximum area. The front can of course also be moved into any position using zips and can also be completely removed.

Telta SKY - Sunroof for caravans

A special highlight is the Telta SKY - an sunroof for caravans. Super easy to set up and very light, it offers protection from the sun and rain. And if the protection is not enough, the SKY can also be extended with front and side walls. This creates a completely enclosed area in front of the caravan. The front and side walls are simply zipped in. Very flexible sun protection and more for an extension height of 235-250cm.

Telta LIFE - classic awning shape with plenty of space 

With its gable roof, the Telta LIFE offers the classic awning shape. The small canopy and the shape allow additional high ventilation under the gable. The LIFE is available in widths of 3.30m and 3.90m. The large front element consists of one piece and can be opened in virtually any direction thanks to the versatile zips. Roll up completely, roll to the side, remove completely - no problem with the Telta LIFE. With a depth of 2.75 metres, the awning offers plenty of space for the whole family. The innovative air tube technology makes it possible to fix the centre tube without tensioning. This avoids unnecessary tripping hazards.

Telta PURE Drive-Away 

The Telta Pure Drive-Away has all the features of the Telta PURE and can also remain on the pitch. It is suitable for leisure vehicles with an attachment height of 220 to 300 cm. This also makes it the first choice for panel vans. The PURE Driveaway has a width of 3.30 metres. For the Telta PURE Driveaway, Telta uses an even lighter material with rip-stop seams. Maximum stability and low weight are ideal for motorhome and van drivers.

Telta-air-awnings: Interview with the founders 

We at are pleased to present the air awnings of the new brand here on the German market. Max Lawless and Anders Outzen visited us and were available for an interview. If you would like to find out more about the topic, please click on the link: Interview with the founders

Telta Soul 390 – Test report

 Today we would like to tell you about our first experiences with the new ‘Soul 390’ awning from Telta. As long-time campers, we have already gained some tent experience, but with the Soul 390 we have discovered a new dimension of comfort and functionality.

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