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Merrell is an American shoe manufacturer that is one of the top suppliers in the field of multifunctional shoes. Durability and good breathability have been the hallmarks of Merrell outdoor footwear for over 30 years. Merrell shoes always give you a secure grip with consistently comfortable and stylish footwear. The brand relies on advanced technology and materials to make its products durable and functional. Whether hiking, trail running or trekking, Merrell has the right footwear for every adventure. With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Merrell also endeavours to manufacture products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Merrell shoes offer unrivalled performance and unbeatable comfort. Especially in the area of barefoot shoes, Merrell is a unique brand that always focuses on innovative technologies. With Merrell, we can offer environmentally conscious consumers in particular a reliable shoe brand tailored to their needs.

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Who is Merrell ? 

Merrell is an American outdoor and casual clothing brand founded in 1981 by Randy Merrell, an experienced shoemaker, in Vernal, Utah. Originally, the brand specialised in the manufacture of handmade hiking boots made from high-quality materials and tailored to the individual needs of customers. After a few years, Randy Merrell decided to expand his company and grow the brand. Together with Clark Matis and John Schweizer, he founded Merrell Footwear, Inc. and began manufacturing hiking shoes and outdoor clothing on a larger scale. The brand grew quickly and became increasingly popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Merrell footwear was recognised for its excellent fit, durability and performance and soon became one of the preferred brands for hikers and other outdoor activities.

The shoemaker Randy Merrell - pioneer of functional shoe quality  

Randy Merrell was a shoemaker with passion and technical expertise. By combining the technology of cowboy boots with the manufacturing process of the Italian shoemaking tradition, he created the Wilderniss Boot with its blue laces. This boot was described by Backpacker magazine as ‘the best hiking boots ever designed’ and praised as ‘the most comfortable and functional boot in North America’. The groundbreaking functional quality of the Wilderniss boot was the foundation for the success of the Merrell brand, which was founded in 1981 and launched its first boots on the market in 1983. In the same year, a hiking boot specially designed for women was added to the range. Although Randy Merrell left the company in 1986 to return to his old life as a traditional shoemaker, he left a lasting impression. The excellent quality, durability and high level of comfort of his shoes can still be felt in every single Merrell shoe today.

Merrell is the official supplier of the Skyrunner® World Series 

Merrell is proud to be the official supplier of the Skyrunner® World Series. The goal, along with the Skyrunner® World Series, is to keep the enthusiasm for the sport alive in the global community and encourage both elite and non-elite athletes to get involved with the sport of skyrunning. The technical MTL ‘Sky’ range, which is developed each year in partnership with the elite Merrell Racing Team, is perfect for technical skyrunning terrain. The partnership provides Merrell with a global platform to showcase its new performance product range and its growing international team of athletes.

Shoes for a natural running style 

Merrell stands for shoes that correspond to our natural movements and give us an immediate walking sensation. The brand's success story began in the 1970s, when passionate shoemaker Randy Merrell sold handmade shoes for 500 dollars. But it was Clark Matis and John Schweizer - both of whom worked for the ski company Rossignol - who recognised Merrell's potential and launched a line of high-quality hiking boots on the market. Since then, the brand has grown continuously and impresses with innovative ideas and its own style, which is not just limited to the look. Today, Merrell offers a wide range of models for the natural running style, from minimalist barefoot shoes to shoes for trail running. With Merrell shoes, you run the way nature intended - experience it for yourself!

Innovation leader for decades

Merrell has made a name for itself with its multifunctional shoes and has been an established name in the industry for decades. But instead of resting on its laurels, Merrell consistently focuses on innovation. With barefoot shoes, trail running models and hiking boots with clever details, the brand continues to impress time and time again. Merrell is not a copycat, but always develops its own ideas that inspire customers worldwide. Today, Merrell is represented in over 150 countries and has long since expanded its range to include running and leisure shoes. The barefoot principle, which is used in many models, is particularly noteworthy. Merrell favours a natural running style and thus ensures a unique running experience. Whether minimalist or with targeted support - Merrell offers the right model for every type of runner. If you are looking for innovation and the highest quality, you can't go past Merrell.

Running- und Walkingshoes for everyone 

The most important thing for any outdoor sport is the right footwear, because whether you're a jogger or a walker, if the shoe doesn't fit, it's no fun. A secure hold in the shoe and the right sole protect your joints and give you the right grip on any route.

Reliable protection against moisture and rain

Merrell offers a wide range of waterproof footwear specifically designed for different outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and trail running. Most Merrell shoes are equipped with the brand's own M-Select Dry technology, which contains a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry in rainy or damp weather. In addition, some models are equipped with Gore-Tex technology, which ensures particularly high water resistance. By the way: Merrell was the first manufacturer to bring a boot with a Gore-Tex membrane onto the market. Merrell's DWR waterproofing is a special coating that is applied to the surface of the shoe and ensures that water simply rolls off. DWR waterproofing is an environmentally friendly method that does not use fluorocarbons and therefore has no harmful effects on the environment. The waterproof Merrell shoes not only offer protection from the wet, but are also breathable to prevent excessive perspiration and keep your feet dry and comfortable. So you can enjoy your outdoor activities even in bad weather without your feet getting wet or cold.

Merrell Air Cushion technology: the ultimate comfort for your feet

The Merrell Air Cushion technology is a masterpiece of engineering and offers an unrivalled feeling of comfort and stability for your feet. By using a special air cushion technology in the heel, the impact is absorbed when walking and your steps are effectively cushioned. This means that even on hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete, you have a soft and comfortable walking experience. Air Cushion technology can be found in every Merrell shoe, from hiking boots to casual shoes. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or just taking a stroll around town, you'll feel the difference. This technology also helps to reduce fatigue and protect your joints.

Made for the great nature

The great nature is a place where we all feel good. And that's why Merrell has set itself the goal of producing everything from recycled, organic or renewable materials by 2025. These are the 7 goals Merrell wants to achieve: 100% of all their products will contain organically sourced, recycled or reusable materials Clothing made from 100% sustainable sources
Reduction of samples for shoes and clothing by 50%
Less plastic packaging
Reduction of water consumption by 150 million litres 
Performing 10,000 hours of voluntary work
Prevent 300,000 pairs of shoes from ending up in the rubbish bin.

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