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The Scottish tent manufacturer Vango was founded in 1967 and has 40 years of experience in tent construction. Whether on a camping holiday with the family or trekking in the mountains - you can always rely on Vango tents. All tents are characterised by excellent workmanship, clever accessories and are stable even in extreme weather conditions.

Vango pop-up tents - set up in

secondsVango pop-up tents are extremely popular because they are particularly easy to set up and take
You take the tent out of the bag, throw it in the air so that it unfolds, secure it with a few pegs and you're ready to set off on your camping weekend. All tent materials are robust, stable and fire-resistant. They also feature clever details, such as reflective zip pullers.

Vango family

tentsVango family tents are built for longer stays. The interior offers plenty of space so that you can spend a cosy day in the tent even in bad weather. Vango family tents are easy to pitch and are equipped with viewing windows and plenty of inside pockets.

Vango tre

tentsVango trekking tents are ideal for all tours where you have to carry the tent in your rucksack over long distances and every gram counts. The materials have been further developed over the years until the perfect ratio of weight, stability and robustness has been achieved. The equipment details have been reduced to the essentials. Trekking tents from Vango impress with optimum wind stability and high breathability.
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